Bayonetta 3: Where to Find All Umbran Tears of Blood Animals in Chapter 3

It's like deja vu with these critters.

by Kara Phillips

A new chapter means one thing in Bayonetta 3, collecting every Umbran animal on offer. It should be routine for players to attempt to find every animal in each chapter, as the secret challenges for each branch can be a well-earned piece of side content once you’ve finished the game. That being said, they aren’t always easy to locate. So read on to discover where you can find every animal in chapter 3.

How to Locate All Tears of Blood Animals for Chapter 3 in Bayonetta 3

Similar to Chapter 2, these animals have upped their hiding game in this chapter, so you should be prepared to look for them while you explore the map. Additionally, there are a few more side streets and locations you should aim to visit if you are on the hunt for unlocking the Phenomenal Remnant challenge for each chapter.

The Toad

The Toad is easily the most challenging animal to find in Chapter 3, which means it should be taken on first. When you spawn into Chapter 3, stick right on the path and jump down to a platform with a glowing relic. Destroy the relic, and a series of purple platforms will appear, leading you to a cave entrance with a train carriage sticking out. Climb aboard the top of the carriage and go through the cave, defeat all the enemies, and head toward the exit. As you exit the cave, you immediately hear the Toad start croaking. Stand at the exit’s edge and rotate the camera until you can see his position on the wall. Drop down as close as possible to him, and you’ll pick up the tear.


The Crow

Once you’ve found the frog, the crow isn’t too far to follow. Drop from the cave you located the Toad and head right. There are a few platforms to cross until you land on what looks like the corner of a derelict building. The crow will stay perched in the corner until you approach, when it will swoop down and fly toward a platform quite some distance away, so you will need to work fast and intercept it mid-air.


The Cat

The cat can be located much further into the map in this chapter, unlike both 1 and 2, which had the cat as one of the first animals you would encounter. You will experience a cutscene with a familiar face from the franchise as you progress through this level. You will enter combat with yet again a variety of enemies and then be free to walk between two long buildings. There are two alleys on either side of the buildings every few steps, and the cat can be located toward the end alongside a disc and a few other bits and pieces. When you approach, it will dart between both alleyway entrances, so climb on top of the building and drop the corrugated metal to seal one opening. It will be much easier to intercept this way.


Bayonetta 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on October 28th, 2022

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