Best Arc Warlock Build in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Become the lightning.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Bungie

One of the most slept-on builds in Destiny 2 is the Arc Warlock. While the best Strand Warlock build is extremely good and fun, the best Arc Warlock build excels at ad-clear, speed, and abilities spamming. If you’re looking for a good time in Destiny 2, made this Arc Warlock build.

All Aspects and Fragments for the Best Arc Warlock Build in Destiny 2 Lightfall

  • Arc Warlock Aspects
    • Arc Soul: While in the air, press the air-move input to slam downward, suspending all nearby enemies. 
    • Electrostatic Mind: The Hunter’s Grapple ability creates a persistent grapple Tangle when it latches, which fully refunds Grenade energy when grappled to. Also, Hunters have an additional Grenade charge.
  • Arc Warlock Fragments
    • Spark of Discharge – Arc weapon final blows have a chance to create an Ionic Trace. -10 Strength.
    • Spark of Ions – Defeating a Jolted target creates an Ionic Trace.
    • Spark of Amplitude – Rapidly defeating targets while you are Amplified creates an Orb of Power.
    • Spark of Resistance – While surrounded by combatants, you are more resistant to incoming damage. +10 Strength.

The best Arc Warlock build centers around the Arc Soul. The Arc Soul is an orb that shoots burst shots at enemies and it deals a lot of consistent and high damage.

With the Arc Soul Aspect, you’ll be able to create an Arc Soul after casting your Rift, and any allies that enter the Rift also get an Arc Soul. Electrostatic Mind allows you to get Ionic Traces, which provides ability energy, after defeating targets with Arc abilities or by defeating Blinded or Jolted enemies. When you pick up the Ionic Trace, you’ll become Amplified. These two Aspects are extremely strong.

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For Fragments, Spark of Discharge is great to create more Ionic Traces with Arc weapons which means you’ll have more opportunities to create an Arc Soul. Spark of Ions is in the same boat but with Jolted enemies.

Spark of Amplitude is amazing as you’ll almost always be Amplified. Spark of Resistance is excellent because you’ll almost always be in the middle of multiple enemies.

Best Arc Warlock Abilities, Explained

  • Arc Super – Chaos Reach
  • Arc Class Ability – Healing Rift
  • Arc Movement Ability – Burst Glide
  • Arc Melee – Chain Lightning
  • Arc Grenade – Flashbang Grenade

While Stormtrance is a great Super, and arguably the better Arc Warlock Super, Chaos Reach is the preferred Super for this Arc Warlock build as ad-clear is already accounted for, so having a Super that can take out bosses is important.

You can use Empowered Rift for this build, but we prefer the Healing Rift. And for the Movement Ability, choose whichever you like, but we recommend Burst Glide as it will get you up close and personal much faster.

Going with the same thought process for the Movement Ability, the Chain Lightning Melee is better for being up close and personal. Plus, it adds more chained lightning when you are Amplified, which you will almost always be.

As well as being able to stun Champions, the Flashbang Grenade has the fastest cooldown out of all the Arc Warlock Grenade options which is important to get your Arc Soul back as fast as possible.

Image: Bungie

Best Arc Warlock Exotics and Mods

  • Exotics
    • Riskrunner
    • Getaway Artist
  • Mods
    • Grenade Kickstart
    • Harmonic Siphon
    • Bomber

Getaway Artist is a must-have for this Arc Warlock build. You can only get it from very rare world drops or from Exotic Engrams. This Exotic allows you to convert your Grenade into an Arc Soul and you’ll also become Amplified.

For the Exotic weapon, we recommend Riskrunner as it is a fantastic Arc submachine gun that will proc many of the Fragments as well as work great for ad-clear. We also recommend any Legendary weapon with Voltshot, like Brigand’s Law, which frees up an Exotic weapon for something more powerful.

The best mods for the best Arc Warlock build are Grenade Kickstart, Harmonic Siphon, and Bomber. Grenade Kickstarter will grant you Grenade energy right after you create an Arc Soul, Harmonic Siphon will create Orbs of Power from rapid Arc weapon final blows, and Bomber will reduce your Grenade cooldown after using your Class Ability.

Now that you know the best Arc Warlock build, you might be interested in switching it up and checking out the best Strand Hunter build.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2023