Best Belt Enchantment Modifiers and Effects in POE

The best belt enchantments in Path of Exile.

by Christian Bognar
Best Belt Enchantments in Path of Exile
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The main goal of Path of Exile is to create the most durable build through skills and equipment. One way to increase your equipment’s strength is through Enchantment Modifiers — which add buffs to each piece of gear. While you should add the best Boot Enchantment Modifiers as soon as possible, the Belts is another piece of equipment that offers top-rated modifiers. This article will review the best Belt Enchantment Modifiers that will help you the most against late-game enemies and challenging bosses.

Top Belt Enchantment Modifiers and Their Effects in Path of Exile

In the grid below, we will go over the top Belt Enchantment Modifiers that offer the highest reward through defense, increasing damage output, or elemental weaknesses. Read further to find out how to enchant belts in Path of Exile.

Belt Enchantment ModifierEffects
Enchantment BlindEnemies blinded by you have 30% reduced critical strike chance.
Enchantment Consecrated Ground30% reduced effect of curses on you while on consecrated ground.
Enchantment Fortify+300 to armour while you have fortify.
Enchantment HinderEnemies hindered by you have 50% reduced life regeneration rate.
Enchantment IntimidateEnemies intimidated by you have 20% increased duration of stuns against them.
Enchantment Phasing+300 to evasion rating while you have phasing.
Enchantment RageRecover 2% of life when you kill an enemy while you have rage.
Enchantment UnnerveHits against enemies unnerved by you have 50% increased spell critical strike chance.
Enchantment TauntEnemies taunted by you deal 5% less area damage.
Enchantment ExposureElemental ailments inflicted on enemies exposed by you have 20% increased duration.

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How to Enchant Belts in Path of Exile

Players of Path of Exile can only get Belt Enchantments from the Eternal Labyrinth of Potential — a special version of the Eternal Labyrinth. Here, the Divine Font will allow players to enchant belts and add on all the previous buffs mentioned in the grid.

Players can access The Eternal Labyrinth of Potential by finding the Dedication to the Goddess map fragment. The Dedication to the Goddess map fragment can be acquired through the vendor recipe: 1x Offering to the Goddess and 1x Fragment Incubator.

It is also important to remember that the Dedication to the Goddess map fragment has an in-game description stating, “You must have completed the six different trials of Ascendancy found in maps to access this area.”

- This article was updated on April 18th, 2023

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