Best Dinkum Mods and How to Install Them

These helpful mods will make your farming easier

by Christian Bognar


Dinkum is one of those sandbox games that genuinely allows players’ creativity to shine through. That said, certain features are missing from the game, making you wonder why the developers didn’t put them into the game in the first place. But, with the growing modding community, there are ways to fill in the gaps and add some helpful features that will make your play-through much easier when it comes to using your creativity. This guide will go over the top 5 most beneficial Dinkum mods and how to get them installed for use.

How Do I Install Mods To Dinkum?

Before installing any mods, you want to install the BepinEx 6 on your PC. You can simply type that name into your preferred search engine. Once you have it downloaded and installed, you’ll want to grab all the files pertaining to that download and drag them over to your Dinkum folder. Once you have successfully dragged over all required folders, you will see a “plugins” option. This folder is where you will want to put all your downloaded mods, so they attach to the game properly.

Now that you have the mod platform installed into the correct folder, you will want to go to the Nexus Mods website in your search engine. On this website, you can search for any of these mods listed below and add them to your plugin folder for Dinkum.

Value Tooltip

One of the many activities you will be doing in Dinkum is earning Dinks. You need a lot of these to accomplish everything, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a mod that allows you to manage this in an organized manner? That is precisely what Value Tooltip aims to do for players. With this mod installed, all you need to do is hover over any item, and the screen will tell you exactly the number of Dinks each item is worth. This mod is especially helpful, considering it also works with stack items.

Auto Pickup

For some reason picking up items can be frustrating in this game. Not having to click every time you see an item you want to pick up gives you the capability to play this game faster, with one less thing to worry about. Auto Pickup mod is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is walk over any item you find, which will automatically go into your inventory without worrying. This mod is beneficial as it could potentially let you collect items you didn’t even notice while playing.

NPC Map Markers

The NPCs aren’t terribly difficult to find, but finding them more accessible makes your whole adventure easier to manage. With these characters moving around throughout the day, you can find yourself losing track of them. The NPC Map Markers mod aims to solve this issue by adding markers to your map. This is especially helpful for players who have their island more spread out and have more ground to cover. Every NPC will appear on your map, so you don’t have trouble looking for these characters. 

Craft From Storage

Generally, in the game, you need to find out exactly what items are required to craft. Not only that, you need to go through the tedious action of taking each item directly out of your inventory and getting them over to your crafting table. It is just frustrating and one of the developer’s decisions that left players wondering why they went that route. Anyway, this can be fixed with the Craft From Storage mod. All you need to do is go inside your house and head to your crafting table. Everything you can craft and the required items will be displayed at this table, letting you skip all the initial steps. 

Museum Tooltip

This mod is handy when fishing or catching bugs in the game. The Museum Tooltip will show you in your inventory whether or not you have donated that specific creature to the museum. Like the Value Tooltip, all you need to do is hover over each animal, and the information will display on the screen. You can go into your encyclopedia to find this information, but that can take some time, especially if you have collected a lot. Having this information displayed for you quickly makes it one of the most helpful mods in the game.

Dinkum is available now on PC.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2022

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