Best Faction Servers in Minecraft

Factions with friends!

by Noah Nelson


Factions is a game mode in Minecraft where you and your friends can go up against opposing clans in multiplayer mayhem. There are many great Faction servers that always have players ready and willing to play. In order to play Factions, you need to enter the correct server address. Here are the best Faction servers in Minecraft.


1. MassiveCraft Factions

  • Server Address:

MassiveCraft is often credited with starting Factions servers in Minecraft, so this is the best place to start if you are new to it. Along with PvP, Role Play, and Quest modes, MassiveCraft Factions have unique mobs, maps, and plugins.


2. MineSuperior Factions

  • Server Address:

Like MassiveCraft, MineSuperior has hundreds of players playing multiple game modes including Factions. There are constantly new events to enjoy if you ever get tired of Factions, but you probably won’t because MineSuperior Factions is always a good time.


3. PurplePrison Factions

  • Server Address:

Unsurprisingly, PurplePrison is known for its prison game mode, but there are hundreds of players every day that play Factions here too. There is a live, player-based economy that allows players to actively auction and trade in-game items which is a really fun bonus.


4. TheArchon Factions

  • Server Address:

It is still heavily debated today which server has the best Factions mode and TheArchon is always in the running. Though it is also known for having a great PvP mode, TheArchon Factions is the perfect place for you to learn the rules and become the greatest.


5. ManaCube Factions

  • Server Address:

ManaCube is another great Factions server in Minecraft. What sets ManaCube apart is that it is a Clan PvP style Factions similar to Clash of Clans. That means that you will build your base to keep intruders out and attempt to break in and conquer other bases.

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Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and mobile devices.

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