Best Grenade and Smoke Spots on Dust 2 in CS:GO

Smoke Out

by J.T. Isenhour

When it comes to CS:GO, you want to be as efficient as possible at using your utility. That means being able to make use of all of your grenades as appropriately as possible. Smoke grenades are a vital resource since they block off sightlines and allow you to cross open areas with a much lower chance of being shot. They are best used to cover common places players will be watching, but you need to be able to have the smoke land consistently every time. Let’s go over the best Smoke spots on Dust 2 in CS:GO.

Smoke Grenade Lineups on Dust 2 in CS:GO

While good aim and spray control are vital for ranking up in CS:GO, not being able to set up smokes holds back many players. While throwing a simple smoke to cover a place you can see can work after you have a site under your control, you will need lineups to be able to get smokes in places on site to allow your team to take control. Here are some of the best Smoke lineups for Dust 2.

A Long Corner Smoke

For this smoke, you will want to line yourself up with the back left corner of the car in T-spawn. You will want to then bring your crosshair up almost to the top right corner of the A door’s archway. You will want to line it up on the edge of the archway. Just let go once you have it lined up and you should smoke off the corner that CTs will hold coming out of A Long Doors.

  • CSGO-Long-A-Car-Setup
  • CSGO-Long-A-Corner-Lineup
  • CSGO-Long-A-Corner-Smoke

A Long CT Spawn Smoke

Now that you and your team have control of A Long, you need to set up to take the site. There are a lot of angles and spots your team needs to clear but a major one can be shut off with this smoke. For this one, you will want to line yourself up in the center of this brink pattern to the left of A Long Doors. Now turn and place your crosshair on the top right corner of the building’s edge that is poking out. Just let if ly and in a few seconds, all of CT spawn will be smoked off allowing your team to cross while only having to worry about Catwalk.

  • CSGO-Long-CT-Smoke-Setup
  • CSGO-Long-CT-Smoke-Lineup
  • CSGO-Long-CT-Smoke-

Catwalk CT Spawn Smoke

If you are taking A site from Catwalk, there is still a smoke you can use to cover up CT spawn and allow you to drop down without worrying about being shot in the back. You will want to stand in the corner where this shutter meets the wall. Then turn and face toward Catwalk and place your crosshair along the left edge of the building on the right. Follow it up until it meets with the roof of the building on A site. You will want to move your crosshair toward the edge of the building on A site, then let the smoke go. It will bounce a bit but when it lands and pops, CT spawn will be covered by smoke and you are free to drop down off of Catwalk to take A site.

  • CSGO-Catwalk-CT-Smoke-Setup
  • CSGO-Catwalk-CT-Smoke-Lineup
  • CSGO-Catwalk-CT-Smoke

Mid To B Site Smoke

While this is a simple one it is important to know how to do so you can smoke out CT spawn from Mid without risking being killed in the process. To do this smoke, you will want to put yourself up against Xbox on the T-spawn side. Then put your back up against the Catwalk wall and aim toward the spot on the wall above the power line over Mid Doors. Let the smoke fly and in a few seconds, no one in CT spawn will know what is happening in Mid.

  • CSGO-Mid-CT-Smoke-Setup-1
  • CSGO-Mid-CT-Smoke

B Doors Smoke From Tunnels

If you are looking to slow down CTs from taking site and block off anyone that is on B site from getting backup, you are going to want to smoke off the doors to the site. You can do this safely from the Tunnels by putting your back up against the left side of this pillar in the corner of the Tunnels area. You will want to aim for this small gap in the two bits of sheet metal on the roof. In particular, you will want to place your crosshair right where the sheet metal and the wooden beam meet. After you throw this grenade wait a few seconds before flashing out onto the site for it to go off. Now all you need to do is clear car and hold window once you have taken B site.

  • CSGO-Tunnels-B-Door-Setup
  • CSGO-Tunnels-B-Door-Lineup
  • CSGO-Tunnels-B-Door-Smoke

There are an infinite number of grenade lineups you can make on any map so don’t be afraid to load up an offline game of Dust 2 and play around on it for yourself while you practice these smokes. You might be able to find a new lineup that will prove useful for you. If you are trying to up your style in CS:GO you might want to look into getting some of the best weapons skins to complete your look.

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- This article was updated on February 6th, 2023