Best Hunter Builds in Ragnarok Origin

Here are the best Hunter builds that shouldn't take long to master.

by Christian Bognar
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Building a strong Hunter in Ragnarok Origin can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be so challenging if you focus on the right skills in the job tree. There are two specific hunter builds that focus on particular skills to make the build shine. These skills I speak of are trap skills and the Double Strafe skill. This guide will go over the two best builds for the Hunter class in Ragnarok Origin, including what skills to invest in and equipment and gear.

Top Hunter Builds in Ragnarok Origin

Below you will find the two best Hunter builds that have dominated the game recently. Stats have some leeway, but the skills must be spot-on to make these builds stand out. As for gear, they can be swapped out for others if you see fit, but the equipment we have listed below helps increase stats and make the skills more powerful.

Trap Hunter Build

When allocating stats for a Trap Hunter, you should focus on INT and DEX. A perfect combination of the two would be 50/50, but if you think more in DEX would help your build, go for it. This build aims to be agile and quick moving so you can place as many traps as possible while also gaining distance from enemies quickly. These traps can do significant damage and help with crowd control when you find yourself in tight spaces filled with monsters.

First Job

  • Owl’s Eye (10)
  • Vulture’s Eye (10)
  • Arrow Shower (10)
  • Attention Concentrate (10)

Second Job

  • Falconry Mastery (1)
  • Detecting (1)
  • Beast Bane (10)
  • Freezing Trap (5)
  • Claymore Trap (5)
  • Flasher (5)
  • Skid Trap (5)

Equipment and Gear

  • Rudra Bow
  • Tights
  • Hood
  • Soft Leather Boost

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Double Strafe Hunter Build

The Double Strafe Hunter focuses on killing the monsters faster through the Double Strafe Skill, which will be the main attack with this build. Double Strafe does increased damage upon every arrow that you fire. Regarding stats, you should focus on putting all of your points toward DEX — helping lower the cast time of the Double Strafe skill, which means you’ll be doing more damage. If you must put points towards another stat, AGI can also help but should always be secondary.

First Job

  • Double Strafe (10)
  • Owl’s Eye (10)
  • Arrow Shower (10)
  • Steady Focus (10)

Second Job

  • Beastbane (10)
  • Wind Dance (10)
  • Blitz Beat (5)

Equipment and Gear

  • Touch of Desolation Bow
  • Tights
  • Hood
  • Bunny Slippers

Now that you can create the best hunter build ensure you know how to make the best Knight build in Ragnarok Origin. The Knight can be brutal with the number of options in the Job Tree — but with our thorough guide, you will have a top-tier Knight dealing serious damage in no time.

- This article was updated on April 24th, 2023

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