Best Materia Fusion Recipes in FFVII Crisis Core Reunion

Check out how to fuse the best Materia in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

by Franklin Bellone Borges

In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, mastering the game’s fusion system is key if you plan on uncovering the whole story and unlocking all of the title’s trophies/achievements. But what are the best Materia fusion recipes in the game? Now in order to answer that and more, here are the best Materia available through fusion in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, as well as how to fuse them.

Best Materia Fusion in FFVII Crisis Core Reunion

To start off strong. the game’s best overall damage-oriented fusible Materia are Jump/High Jump, Gil Toss (End-game only, as using it to its full potential will drain large amounts of Gil from Zack), and Costly Punch. Darkness is also a great pick. The best magic damage exclusive Materia are Graviga, Quake, and Flare, all paired with Dualcast.

On the other hand, the best fusible Health or support-focused Materia in the game are Cura (Early Game), Curaga (Late Game), as well as Wall, the latter of which will offer protection against both Physical and Magical Attacks. It is vital that your support-oriented Materia feature high HP-focused sub-stats, as reaching 99,999 is a must in the late/post-game stage.

Libra is also a must for any build, but fusing it is highly unadvised as the Materia can be brought early on through the Research Dept. QMC Shop. You can check out how to unlock all of the shops in the game in our how to unlock all the shops in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion guide.

With that said, you can check out how to make all of the mentioned Materia below:

  • Cura: Cure (Mastered) + Libra / Libra (Mastered) + Cure / Cure (Mastered) + Cure (Mastered).
  • Curaga: Regen + Libra (Mastered).
  • Barrier: Fire + HP Up – Both at level 1.
  • Wall: Quake + HP Up.
  • Darkness: Gravity (Mastered) + Graviga / Graviga (Mastered) + Libra / Libra (Mastered) + Graviga.
  • Gil Toss: Mug (Mastered) + Libra.
  • Costly Punch: Hammer Punch (Mastered) + Libra (Mastered).
  • Jump: AP Up + Silence Blade.
  • High Jump: Firaga Blade + AP Up.
  • Graviga: Gravity + Libra (Mastered).
  • Quake: Darkness + DMW (Ex: Rush Assult).
  • Flare: Tri-Fire (Mastered) + Libra (Mastered).
  • Libra: Dash + Any DMW focused-Materia (Ex: Rush Assault).

As many of the Materia above need Master level ones in order to be fused, we highly recommend that you check out how to quickly rise your Materia level in the game.

You can play Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion right now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 20th, 2022

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