Best MLB The Show 23 Scouting Tips

Recruit some top talent.

by Christian Bognar
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One of the key features of the franchise mode in MLB The Show 23 is scouting new players for your team. It can take some time and effort to get good results, but there are specific ways to increase your chances and minimize the time it takes. This guide will go over the best tips for scouting in MLB The Show 23 to help you get the player you’re looking for.

Helpful Tips for Scouting in MLB The Show 23

Follow these steps to increase your chances of getting top talent from the draft. Remember that the scouting option may not be available at the beginning of the season — to fix this, fast forward to the nearest Sunday on the game’s calendar.

Scouting Tip #1 – Hire the Right Scouts

The first tip for scouting in MLB The Show 23 is to hire some scouts — but not just any scout. Not each Scout is created equal, as they all have their strengths and weaknesses when recruiting players to your team. When hiring a scout, pay attention to the overall efficiency of the Scout, as this stat shows how quickly they are likely to scout players. Another important stat to pay attention to is the Scout’s discovery rating, which indicates how well they can discover new players.

By going to the contracts and scout page, you will see your current budget allowed for hiring scouts. Try to keep it in the budget to hire three scouts with high efficiency and discovery rating to increase your chances of recruiting great players.

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Scouting Tip #2 – Scout Assignment

After hiring your scouts, you must assign them to their job and figure out which Scout will do what. Under the Scout Assignment page, the game will give you a breakdown of each Scout’s stat and what they specialize in. For example, one Scout may be good at finding position players, while another may have a high ranking in finding Pitchers. 

If your goal is to scout a Pitcher, head to the Scout Position page of the Scout with the highest rating for finding pitchers. On this Scout Position page, you will want to set the position as pitcher and the region to the area you noticed with the most talent. Always set your Scout to the position they are great at scouting.

Note: Any position other than Pitcher is considered a position player.

Scouting Tip #3 – Set Your Scouting Priority

This tip goes hand in hand with tip #2. In MLB The Show 23, you can set up your scouting priority in the Scouting menu screen. This can significantly help if you are looking to recruit one player you believe would fit your team. There are three options here: first priority, second priority, and third priority. Always put the player or position you need or want the most as your top priority — giving you a better chance of success.

Have your other scouts work on one of their strengths for your second and third priority. For example, say you want a right fielder for your team — set the second priority as a scout with a high rating in finding “position” players. Usually, for the third priority, you should set this as a scout with a high skill level in discovering new players — which will act as a good backup.

Scouting Tip #4 – Simulate to the Following Week

Once you have all your priorities set for your scouts, you should fast forward to the following Sunday by heading to your calendar. This is an excellent way to determine your week’s results and see how well your scouts did. If they did a good job and you got what you are looking for, that’s great! If the results are not to your liking, try switching up your priorities or hiring better scouts.

- This article was updated on April 20th, 2023

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