Top 10 Best Obbys To Play In Roblox

Find the best Obbys to jump into in Roblox!

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you’re new to the Roblox scene and want an easy way to learn the ropes about the platform, jumping into a fun Obby, or Obstacle Course, could give you the introduction you need. While some of these Obbys may be rather simple to complete, once you get into the ones that require you to use your brain and brawn to complete them is when it gets truly exciting. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Obbys here, so get yourself ready for plenty of action and excitement as we dive right in and find out which are the best Obbys in Roblox!

Top 10 Obbys In Roblox To Play

While there are countless different Obbys on the platform, some of them are much better than others. If your favorite didn’t make the list, don’t fret, we’ll continue updating this page in the future so you’ll always have something exciting to look forward to when you’re trying to find your new favorite Obby to jump into.

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10: Ultimate Easy Obby – Banana Studios Games

Image: Banana Studios Games / Roblox

If you’re hoping to wind down from the day with an easy-to-understand and master Obby, the Ultimate Easy Obby could be the perfect introduction to the game type. While there may be a few obstacles that are harder for younger gamers to overcome, the majority of players should have an easy time making it through this Obby, as it’s meant to be easy. With 50 Stages in total, you’ll be preoccupied for a hot minute with this one.

9: Super Fun Obby – Banana Studios Games

Image: Banana Studios Games / Roblox

After completing the Ultimate Easy Obby, you’ll have the option to jump directly into the Super Fun Obby, which ups the ante a fair bit. Instead of 50 Stages, you’ll find yourself jumping and moving through 500 Total Stages, meaning that the playtime won’t be coming to a close any time soon. With a much higher difficulty rating, this could be the best way to enjoy an Obby, especially if you’re racing against friends for the fastest times.

8: Easy Parkour Obby – lol games..

Image: lol games.. / Roblox

If you’re looking for an Obby that will make you laugh, as well as make you work hard to get to the goal, Easy Parkour Obby might be what you’ve been searching for. Don’t let the Baldi in the thumbnail freak you out, this is one of the most interesting Obbys available on the Roblox platform. You’ll need to be a master of Parkour to make it to the end of this one, and could be one that you revisit time and time again.

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7: The Dropper – KoolWaterLK

Image: KoolWaterLK / Roblox

If you’re tired of running and jumping, how do you feel about Dropping? While not a typical Obby, you’ll need to duck and dive out of the way while making your way through the challenging levels of The Dropper ✨ [120+ LEVELS!!!] – Roblox. You’ll still need to be quick on your controller or keyboard to make sure you don’t clonk yourself on the head while dropping down from the highest heights, and make some swift maneuvers to avoid losing the stage.

6: Escape the Bacon Obby – AstralLabs

Image: AstralLabs / Roblox

You’ll need to be quick on your feet if you’re hoping to survive this Obby, where the main goal is exactly as it states: Escape The Bacon. For those of you unfamiliar with the term Bacon, we’ve got you covered. But for those that have been in the Roblox Scene for a while, this could be one of the scariest games around, depending on the experiences you’ve had with Bacons in the past. Creative levels and a funny goal make this a memorable title to jump into whenever you’re craving a fun Obby to explore.

5: GRUMPY GRAN! – PlatinumFalls

Image: PlatinumFalls / Roblox

One of the funniest Obbys on the platform, you’ll be tasked with avoiding your Granny while trying to steal some of her world-famous cookies in GRUMPY GRAN! With 19 stages in total to navigate through, it may be one of the shortest Obbys on this list as well, so it could work for a great burst of excitement, or a great laugh with some friends. You’ll also find multiple difficulty modes that can make this much more exciting than it has any right being.

4: Escape Easy Admin Obby – Splashy Studios

Image: Splashy Studios / Roblox

Combining the exciting visual imagery of Among Us, and even Poppy Playtime with an exciting Obby is the whole point of Escape Easy Admin, where you’ll find yourself hopping and jumping through countless obstacles. There’s a reason this Obby has over 380 Million visits, as it is quite enjoyable if you’re hoping to breeze through a colorful and unique world. It may not be the most challenging Obby around, but it contains plenty of fun little surprises, and the addition of a Grapple Gun makes things even more radical than ever.

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3: 99% Fail Impossible Obby! – Thing Studios

Image: Thing Studios / Roblox

Running off of the success of the highly popular Squid Game, you’ll need to hope that luck is on your side when you jump into 99% Fail Impossible Obby!, or just let someone go in front of you. However, you’ll also need to keep an eye on other players, as they may be looking to sabotage you and take the lead. It’s challenging, but exciting as you never know when the floor may give out beneath you once again.

2: Easy Obby [200+ Stages] – @zknx

Image: @zknx / Roblox

Combining multiple genres into one Easy Obby may be a little more than the sum of its parts. You’ll not only find an entertaining Obby here but also pet collecting and other fun little things to do. Give this one a shot if you’re hoping to find a new favorite experience, or just need something new to try out, as the 200+ Stages have plenty of variety to help this one feel fresh and new.

1: Tower of Hell – YXCeptional Studios

Image: YXCeptional Studios / Roblox

Easily coming in first, Tower of Hell could be the only Obby you ever need. Featuring procedurally generated levels that ensure an experience that is never the exact same, you’ll always have a reason to come back and visit again. Not only that, it’s rather difficult and could be the ultimate challenge for someone that loves the idea of clearing an Obby first.

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And there we have it, 10 of the best Obbys available on the Roblox platform. While there are so many more, and it was almost impossible to pick 10 of them to include, you’ll always have fun when you’re hopping and jumping through these extremely fun little experiences.

- This article was updated on March 15th, 2023