Roblox Gets Its Own Call of Duty Competitor With Incredible Graphics

It even has Gunsmith for $70 less than the competition.

by Shaun Cichacki
Image; MAXIMILLIAN / Roblox

It seems that Call Of Duty may need to check itself before it wrecks itself if Roblox has anything to say about it. While the majority of experiences may not be graphically impressive by any means, except titles like Pixel Piece that push the platform to new boundaries, it seems that Frontlines is aiming to dethrone just about any other first-person shooter on the Roblox market. At this point, if it continues being polished up, there could be a decent competitor to the COD franchise in the future.

Yeah, But Can Your PC Run Frontlines?

Image; MAXIMILLIAN / Roblox

At a glance, it’s almost impossible to recognize that this game is on the Roblox platform. Honestly, even with an extended look, it’s still impossible to comprehend that this is on the Roblox platform. With fast and furious gunplay, kill cams, and different modes of play, Frontlines looks to bring the Call of Duty experience to the most creative network on the planet.

After jumping in for a few games, I left impressed. While I may not be the most skilled Call of Duty player in the world, or even on our team of writers, the immediate impression is that this is just a free-to-play COD game. Inspiration from the titular franchise can be felt in every aspect of Frontlines, from its movement to its gunplay, all while feeling and looking fantastic.

GG + Ratio + Roblox

Image; MAXIMILLIAN / Roblox

This may be the push that Roblox needs to bring even more players onto its platform, as gone are the normal, blocky Robloxian characters that you normally control, with realistic humans and weaponry taking their place. It’s a rather hardcore shooter, and while there may not be blood splattering when shots are placed, it’s still a rather mature subject matter, perfect to bring a new audience onto the platform.

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No matter if you’re looking for something new to play, or just want to flex your FPS skills on a new group of players, Frontlines is an incredible attempt at breathing some new life and graphical fidelity onto the Roblox platform. It feels crazy to think that developers can push the limits like this, but it’s a welcome and great push to reach a new core group of gamers.

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023