5 Best Raft Mods of All Time

Increase the quality of your gameplay with these mods

by Christian Bognar


When you think of a mod, you think of how it alters the game and adds to the product’s value. Raft has many mods to choose from, and finding the right one for your game can be overwhelming. The best ones make your playthrough more relaxing but don’t change the experience to the point where it feels like you’re playing a different game. This list will go over Raft’s best mods of all time regarding quality-of-life improvements.

Best Raft Mods of All Time

Raft is a fantastic game by itself, but no one can deny that some frustrating features are included or great features are missing from the game entirely. Here are the five best mods to install into your game.

Sort Inventory

With the number of items and materials in your inventory, it isn’t easy to manage them effectively. To avoid this mess and have your items all over the place, you can install the Sort Inventory mod to better track all your items. All you need to do is press Z on your keyboard, and the game will rearrange everything in your inventory in an organized manner. It doesn’t do this in any particular order but makes it so you don’t have to click through and stack all your items yourself. Sort Inventory mod takes away one more tedious step.

Bulk Crafting

Say you need to craft a ton of materials but don’t feel like having to click repeatedly to get this done. Not to worry, as the Bulk Crafting mod will take care of this job in one fell swoop. All you need to do is go to the required item you wish to craft and hold down the “shift” key, and the option to craft the item in multiples will appear. This is a fantastic way to get your crafting done quickly, and being able to spam this button will give you almost ten times more than what you could initially get in the standard version.

Bow Release

It is the worst when you accidentally use up ammo or items by mistakenly hitting a button. We’ve all done it, and it’s a huge problem, especially in a game where items and resources are an essential part. If this ever happens to you with your bow in Raft, you can counter this issue by downloading the mod Bow Release. This mod will make it so that when you are about to shoot an arrow but don’t want to, all you have to do is click on the mouse’s left button, and the game will cancel out the bow animation. This will allow you to save tons of arrows, which you could have lost from a simple mistake.

Hand Gathering

In the base game, players need a hook to collect any materials they find on the ocean floor. Receiving a hook step can be skipped entirely with the Hand Gathering mod. This mod allows you to swim to the ocean floor and simply use your hands to pick up these materials and add them directly to your inventory. This makes a lot more sense than a hook, too, considering most of the materials you find are those that shouldn’t require a hook, such as sand and rocks. This mod makes the whole process a lot easier and less time-consuming. Be careful though not to use all your oxygen though when you go diving for these materials.

Voyage Overhaul

This mod comes in handy by showing you what direction and how fast you are going on the motion display. It is also straightforward to read as it shows you colored lines, each pointing in the direction you are heading toward, along with the length of the line showing your speed. For example, the orange line pointing to the east means you are heading east, and as you open more sails, you will see this line get longer, which shows your speed is increasing. This is just a neat little tool that will help you navigate around the water easier, adding a considerable improvement of quality of life to the game.

Raft is available now on PC.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2022

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