Best Strand Titan Builds in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep

What are the best Strand Titan builds in Destiny 2 right now?

by Noah Nelson
Image: Bungie

Strand Titan has arguably the best Strand builds in Destiny 2. Since Suspend and Woven Mail are, in my opinion, the best Strand verbs, Strand Titan is the best as it can easily proc both of those quickly and with ease. While there are two Strand Warlock builds that are equally incredible, there is one Strand Titan build that beats them all. Here is the best Strand Titan build in Destiny 2.

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What Are the Best Strand Titan Builds in Destiny 2?

The best Strand build in Destiny 2 right now is the Suspend Strand Titan build. Thanks to the Season of the Deep artifact perks, the Suspend Strand Titan is in a really strong spot.

Suspend Strand Titan Build

The Suspend Strand Titan build is a monster. With the help of Abeyant Leap, the playstyle of the Suspend Strand Titan is to use your class ability to Suspend everything in front of you. You’ll get Woven Mail to protect you front incoming damage and you’ll be able to easily take out the enemies before you.

This build is excellent in early and end game content. Whether you’re trying to complete the Pressure Trials Triumph or looking to beat Simmumah Ur-Nokru in the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon, this Suspend Strand Titan build will carry you through.

Best Suspend Strand Titan Aspects

Image: Bungie
  • Into the Fray – Destroying a Tangle or casting your Super grants Woven Mail for nearby allies. While you have Woven Mail, your melee regeneration is increased.
  • Drengr’s Lash – Activate your class ability to create a ripple in reality that travels forward along the ground, suspending and damaging targets it hits.

Drengr’s Lash is the star of the show here. Central to the playstyle of this Suspend Strand Titan build is to spam your Class Ability to Suspend targets, and Drengr’s Lash is the only way that is possible. Plus, Abeyant Leap buffs it to create a great Suspend synergy.

Into the Fray is the next best Aspect option to apply added support to your team in the form of Woven Mail. However, if you’re looking to solo and be more effective, I would recommend the new Season of the Deep Strand Titan Aspect called Flechette Storm.

Best Suspend Strand Titan Fragments

  • Thread of Mind – Defeating suspended targets grants class ability energy.
  • Thread of Generation – Dealing damage generates grenade energy. -10 Discipline.
  • Thread of Warding – Picking up an Orb of Power grants Woven Mail. -10 Resilience.
  • Thread of Continuity – Suspend, unravel, and sever effects applied to targets have increased duration. +10 Strength.

There are a lot of good Strand Fragment combinations, but the best for the Suspend Strand Titan are Thread of Mind, Generation, Warding, and Continuity. Most obviously, Thread of Mind is necessary as Suspending enemies grants Class Ability which creates a satisfying loop.

From there, Thread of Warding allows you to almost always have Woven Mail either from Suspending targets or picking up Orbs of Power. Thread of Generation is great because as you deal damage, you’ll get grenade energy, which, you guessed it, makes for more Suspend.

Lastly, Thread of Continuity is excellent as it keeps your Suspended targets Suspended for longer. With this, you’ll keep control of the battlefield by tying up your enemies in Strand Suspends.

Best Suspend Strand Titan Abilities

  • Super – Bladefury
  • Class Ability – Rally Barricade
  • Movement Ability – Catapult Lift
  • Melee – Frenzied Blade
  • Grenade – Shackle Grenade

Of course, we can’t change the Super or the Melee, but that’s okay because both of the options we are stuck with are incredible. Bladefury is excellent for add-clear and Frenzied Blade is great for quickly eliminating Suspended enemies and works well with our perks and mods. And for the Movement Ability, you should simply pick whatever you like best since it doesn’t matter for the build.

For the Class Ability, I recommend going with Rally Barricade simply because it has a faster cooldown. The quicker you can activate your Class Ability, the better since you can Suspend enemies and gain Woven Mail just by using your Class Ability once. That said, the Towering Barricade only has a 10 second longer cooldown, so the choice is yours to make.

The only real option we have when it comes to the best Suspend Strand Titan abilities is the Shackle Grenade. As you probably know by now, the goal of this build is to be constantly Suspending, so the Shackle Grenade is the best choice here.

Best Suspend Strand Titan Season of the Deep Artifact Perks

Image: Bungie
  • Authorized Mods: Strand
  • Improved Unraveling
  • Strand Soldier
  • Conductive Cosmic Needle
  • Squad Goals

There are five good Strand perks you need to get to maximize the Suspend Strand Titan in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. First, Authorized Mods: Strand makes your Strand armor mods cheaper.

From there Improved Unraveling increases the damage of Unraveling which goes hand-in-hand with Strand Soldier which gives your weapon Unraveling Rounds when you have Woven Mail, which will be all the time with this build.

Conductive Cosmic Needle is great as it helps your team out; this improves Arc and Void damage after an enemy is debuffed with Strand. Squad Goals is the final team Strand perk that grants your teammates Woven Mail when you have Woven Mail and perform a finisher.

Best Suspend Strand Titan Exotics and Armor Mods

  • Exotics
    • Quicksilver Storm
    • Abeyant Leap

The weapon you use doesn’t really matter for this build. You should use whatever weapon you like best, but I recommend it to be a Strand weapon as that’ll work better with your perks and mods. I love using Quicksilver Storm and highly recommend it, but you can use any Legendary Strand weapon like Rufus’s Fury, which is one of the meta weapons in Destiny 2.

The key to this build is Abeyant Leap. These Exotic Legs really define the Suspend Strand Titan build because they buff Drengr’s Lash by adding two projectiles and making all five projectiles travel farther and track enemies better. If that wasn’t enough, you also get Woven Mail whenever you Suspend a target.

Since you’ll be Suspending targets all the time with your class ability, Abeyant Leap is essential to constantly Suspend your enemies and constantly gain Woven Mail in the process.

  • Armor Mods
    • Helmet – 3x Harmonic Siphon
    • Arms – 2x Impact Induction, 1x Heavy Handed
    • Chest – 1x Font of Endurance, 1x Emergency Reinforcement
    • Legs – 1x Recuperation, 2x Strand Weapon Surge
    • Class – 1x Bomber, 1x Reaper, 1x Powerful Attraction

For the mods in the Helmet, I recommend running three stacks of Harmonic Siphon as you’ll spawn more Orbs of Power on Strand weapon final blows which makes everything better. Alternatively, you can run Heavy/Special Ammo Finder to get more Heavy or Special ammo which is necessary in end game content.

For the Arms, we’ll use Heavy Handed to spawn even more Orbs of Power on melee kills and Impact Induction to get more grenade energy on dealing melee damage. For the chest, you can use whatever resistance mods you like, but I like running Font of Endurance and Emergency Reinforcement to stay at high health at all times.

For the Legs, I recommend using two Strand weapon Surge to give your Strand weapons more damage when you pick up an Orb of Power. Recuperation is essential as it immediately grants you health when you pick up Orbs of Power.

For the Class Item, we’re gonna use Powerful Attraction since we’ll be using our class ability often which will then suck up all surrounding Orbs of Power. Reaper is nice to consistently get an Orb of Power on weapon final blows. And Bomber will help us get our Shackle Grenade back faster.

- This article was updated on July 17th, 2023

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