Best Street Fighter 6 Character Recipe Codes: Customize Your Character

Are you looking for some excellent custom Street Fighter 6 character codes?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Capcom

Street Fighter 6 players are extremely creative with the character recipe system and there are plenty of incredible codes to use and get unique character designs. Since there are a lot out there it can take a while to shift through them and work out what ones you may want to use the most. This article will take you through some of the best Street Fighter 6 character recipe codes.

Best Street Fighter 6 Codes to Use in Character Creation

Genos | Recipe Code: QKVN3NEF4

One Punch Man is known by many across the community and now you can bring that world to Street Fighter’s instead. This character recipe is a highly unique creation so it is worthwhile battling with Genos. The glow of the outfit is also a brilliant touch to the character.

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Aqua Blue Lit Eye/Tattooed Character | Recipe Code: L3HEMVUQN

This design isn’t tied to any particular franchise or person, but it is still a character recipe that is great to have the code for. With a scar on the cheek and stunning tattoos on the arms, this character is ready for any opponents on the way.

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Asuka Kazama | Recipe Code: XKJVQMNPU

Yes, you are seeing that correctly like we are, Asuka from Tekken is now in Street Fighter 6 thanks to this creator. The accuracy is excellent, and it will have you wanting even more Tekken characters in the game. This is an excellent starter character recipe to use so be sure to try the design out for your future battles.

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Kratos | Recipe Code: U9KS49VAG

Would a custom character creation list ever be complete without a mention of Kratos from God of War? We think not! This design is based on Kratos so if you’re looking for another God of War-inspired creation to add to your collection across other games, then this code will allow you to do just that.

Goro Majima | Recipe Code: JCTWNUL5R

Goro from Yakuza now makes an appearance in Street Fighter 6 with this code and the design itself is faithful to the look of Goro Majima with the tools available in Street Fighter 6. This is a brilliant character look that can bring the spirit of Yakuza to your favorite fighting game.

Strong Fighter | Recipe Code: DTHGG86KM

This particular design looks as though it could be a character in the actual roster of Street Fighter. The sheer abilities of talent that the creator has shown for the creation of the character are clearly on display. If you’re looking for a brand new character for World Tour then look no further than this character.

Shoto Todoroki | Recipe Code: YV98GJNLA

My Hero Academia is even getting characters made in the Street Fighter 6 character creation system. If you are a fan of the anime then this will likely be one of the best characters on the list for you to grab. Todoroki is a highly-liked character by fans in the anime series.

Nina Williams | Recipe Code: KTN6VCJLJ

If you were viewing the Asuka character design from earlier and wanted some more Tekken then you will be thrilled to know there is also a Nina Williams design based on the Death by Degrees game. We would highly recommend checking this code out!

Leon Kennedy | Recipe Code: KLAPA6HMN

Resident Evil fans also get their share of the action with this attempted recreation of Leon Kennedy. With what the creator has available to them in terms of design options, we think they have done a great job of creating the character.

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Taylor Swift (Bonus Mention) | No Code, Detailed Video Walkthrough Instead

As a bonus mention, Apollo Astral Creations on YouTube has also designed a character based on Taylor Swift in Street Fighter 6. There isn’t any code for this design as of yet but if you follow the process shown in the video, you can reach the same result — definitely worth the time in our opinion!

How to Enter Character Recipe Codes in Street Fighter 6

In order to enter a character recipe code, start up the main World Tour Mode and then load into the character creator menu. From there, navigate to the main Recipe section and you can press on Download Recipe. You can then simply enter any recipe code that you have found through the internet or heard from others.

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Now that you know everything about some of the best character recipe codes and how to enter them, it is time to dive back into the action of Street Fighter 6.

- This article was updated on June 2nd, 2023

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