Best Team Comps for Overwatch 2: Current Meta Explained

The best team comps for Overwatch 2 to help you climb the ranks.

by Michelle Cornelia


Are you having trouble climbing up the ranks in Overwatch 2? It’s time to switch up your hero picks based on the current meta to increase your chances of winning. While it may be challenging to do this solo, you can always invite some friends to build the ideal comps that are proven to work. Here are the best team comps for Overwatch 2 based on the most recent Overwatch League matches!

Zarya and Genji, The Best Team Comp for Overwatch 2

  • Tank: Zarya
  • DPS: Sojourn
  • DPS: Genji
  • Support: Baptiste
  • Support: Lucio

This type of composition is flexible in every map due to the amount of healing, damage, and utility applied in any situation. Let’s talk about Zarya, who fills the primary tank role. Her kit consists of two bubbles that, when applied to allies or herself, protect and absorb any incoming damage and abilities. This ability enables both DPS to finish off the enemy’s support in the backline, as they will be immune to crowd control abilities for a short time.

Genji and Sojourn work great together because of their high damage output and utility. Disruptor Shot is Sojourn’s powerful crowd control ability that slows and damages enemies, allowing the rest of the team to follow up for a confirmed kill. Meanwhile, Genji’s mobility and dash enable him to finish off those trying to retreat to safety.

As for Baptiste and Lucio, both of them are great healers that complement each other. Baptiste can use his Immortality Field to temporarily prevent the entire team from dying. If that is not enough, Lucio’s ultimate gives extra layers to the whole team’s health, allowing the team to extend the fight or hold the point even longer. Conclusively, both these supports provide high sustain healing that benefits the team.

Alternative Team Comp

  • Tank: D.Va
  • DPS: Sojourn
  • DPS: Sombra
  • Support: Baptiste
  • Support: Lucio

This Overwatch 2 team comp may not be as versatile as the previous one, but it’s still powerful against certain heroes. While D.Va cannot make her allies temporarily immune to everything, all her abilities have low cooldowns. This means she can spam her Defense Matrix to eat enemies’ projectiles and, when timed right, can even entirely shut down enemies’ ultimate. In addition, combining her Fusion Cannons, Boosters, and Micro Missiles deal massive damage that can one-tap a squishy hero.

Dealing with D.Va alone is already a nightmare, and the Sombra and Sojourn DPS combination adds to that. Most Overwatch 2 players are already annoyed because the current Sombra can hack any hero when she is invisible and spam it repeatedly. After disabling an enemy with Sombra’s Hack ability, Sojourn can assassinate them using her fully charged secondary fire to one-shot them.

The downside of Sombra is the lack of damage that she provides, and the Sombra player has to communicate where the enemies are and focus on one enemy at a time. That’s the trade-off of having Sombra in this composition.

That sums up the best team comps for Overwatch 2 in October 2022. This article will be updated once the meta shifts to something new, so stay tuned to this page to be in the loop!

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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