Best Way to Farm Money in Vampire Survivors

Use these tips to farm as much gold as possible.

by Christian Bognar
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In Vampire Survivors, collecting as much gold in one run to become stronger the next is essential. While there is no definite way to ensure you will have a successful run and collect thousands of coins, there are ways to increase your chances of success. This guide aims to help you collect more gold on each run, although it won’t be instant and will take some time.

How to Farm Gold Coins in Vampire Survivors

As you collect more coins in Vampire Survivors, you can unlock new characters and PowerUp levels — making each run more manageable than the last. While farming coins can take a long time, players can follow a few steps to increase the amount they take home after each run. Let’s get into how this is possible.

Gold Farming Tip #1 – Play as Exdash

The first tip would be to play as the secret character in Vampire Survivors, Exdash. Although Exdash’s stats are generally on the lower side compared to the rest of the characters, their Luck skill is on the higher end — which increases the chances of a treasure chest having a large amount of coin inside. This can significantly affect the number of coins a player finds in a single run.

To play as Exdash, players must enter a secret code in the game’s main menu. Follow the steps below to unlock this secret character.

  1. Head to the game’s Main Menu.
  2. Type “x-x1viiq.”
  3. Wait for a sound effect letting you know you have unlocked Exdash.
  4. Try again if you don’t hear a sound effect, as it can take a couple of tries.
  5. Exdash should now appear on your character selection screen.

Gold Farming Tip #2 – Put Points into the Greed Perk

Between each run, players have the opportunity to purchase PowerUps, which offer a variety of different buffs, such as increased health or higher damage output.

One of the best PowerUp players should unlock who are looking to increase the number of coins they come across is the Greed Perk. The Greed Perk can be leveled up five times, and each time it is leveled up, the game will grant players a 10% boost in coins for their runs.

Using the refund tool at the bottom of the PowerUp screen will help tremendously for players looking to collect coins quickly. Once refunded, players can apply each PowerUp level to the Greed Perk and receive a massive advantage for the next run regarding the number of coins they collect.

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Gold Farming Tip #3 – Equip the Stone Mask Passive Item

Next, players will want to unlock the Stone Mask passive item and equip it immediately to increase the amount of gold they collect in one run. This passive item, like the Greed Perk, will grant players a 10% boost in coin collection during their run. It has a max level of 5, making that 10% raise even higher.

Players can find the Stone Mask at the Inlaid Library level at the beginning of the run. Head as far north as possible while running across the top wall, where the Stone Mask spawns at random points at the northernmost border. Check out our full guide on how to find the Stone Mask.

Gold Farming Tip #4 – Invest in Golden Eggs.

Lastly, for long-term Gold Farming, players should invest in purchasing Golden Eggs when they feel they can comfortably afford it. These Golden Eggs power up random stats making the more challenging runs easier to manage — therefore collecting more coins. This can be especially true since Golden Eggs can help increase your Magnet stat, which makes it easier to pick up Gold Bags in proximity while standing still.

Players can purchase Golden Eggs from the Merchant in the Moonglow area. These Golden Eggs can be extremely pricey, but as previously mentioned, this tip is for those who can afford it and want to collect more coins in the long run instead of getting rich quickly.

- This article was updated on April 16th, 2023

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