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Bravely Default 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 1 Part 2 – Savalon and the Underground Reservoir

Return to Savalon to investigate the Underground Reservoir.

by Brandon Adams


You’ve taken down Orpheus the Bard within the Sandswept Ruins in Part 1 of the Chapter 1 walkthrough of Bravely Default 2, and have learned of Bernard’s not-so-benign machinations. It’s time to return to Savalon with the information you’ve learned, and to confront the Gaming Hall patron with his misdeeds.

If you are somehow reading ahead, or have not reached this stage of Bravely Default 2 yet, use the link here to return to the Chapter 1 Part 1 walkthrough.

Since Bravely Default 2 is a narrative-heavy game, I will try to keep all spoilers to a minimum. Cutscene details will be scarce, and characters will only be named as required. Additionally, this walkthrough will follow a checklist format to keep things short and concise.

I will list monsters encountered along the critical path (to include their weaknesses), and treasure chests (as well as what they contain). Enemies and bosses are natural but necessary spoilers, so I’ll go ahead and tag this article with a mild spoiler warning here, and I will precede every boss with a more obvious spoiler warning.

Bravely Default 2 Chapter 1 Part 2 Walkthrough

Return to Savalon

  • Make your way back north to Savalon after leaving the Sandswept Ruins and watching the cutscene that followed.
    • A cutscene will play after you enter the town, and Prince Castor will leave the party.
  • Hunt down Anihal near the palace to learn more about Bernard.
    • Now is a good time as any to visit the vendor, check your exploration ship (if you sent it out), and to rest at the inn.
    • An event will trigger when you reach the ramp leading to the palace.
  • After the cutscene with Anihal you’ll resume play in Savalon’s market. It’s time to ask around town to see what the locals know about Bernard.
    • You’re only talking to one person, so head to the right to speak with the townsperson on the other side of the market to begin a rather illuminating cutscene.
    • Prince Castor will rejoin the party.
  • Head down the path on the right side of Savalon until you’re near the vendor. The building on the right that was once inaccessible now has a bridge leading to it, and it’s where you need to go next.
    • Additionally, the second chest in Savalon can now be looted (Feather Hat).
  • Go into the building and take the ramp down to enter the Underground Reservoir.
    • A cutscene with Anihal will play, then you’ll be free to explore.


Underground Reservoir

  • The Underground Reservoir is a fairly linear, albeit long, dungeon. Since it’s within Savalon you are able to quickly retreat and heal, so don’t be afraid to fall back for items if you need to restock.
    • You should be around level 12 to safely enter, and at least Job level 6 or higher.
    • Stock up on Eye Drops, Antidotes, and Echo Herbs.
  • Monsters in the Underground Reservoir include Dagons, Roxolotls, Gelaflans, Lop-Eared Ratbitts, and Silkmoths:
    • Dagon (Aquatic) are weak to Lightning, Earth, and Bows. Takes half damage from Fire and Water.
      • Counter Physical Attacks with a party-wide attack of its own.
    • Roxolotl (Aquatic) are weak to Lightning, Darkness, and Daggers. Takes half damage from Fire, and absorbs Water.
      • Will cast Confuse on entire party.
    • Gelaflan (Aquatic) are weak to Fire, Earth, and Staves. Takes half damage from Lightning, and is immune to Water.
      • Casts individual-hitting Blizzard and a party-wide Blizzara.
    • Lop-Eared Ratbitt (Beast) are weak to Lightning, Light, and Swords. Takes half damage from Darkness.
    • Silkmoth (Insect) are weak to Fire, Wind, Axes, and Bows. Takes half damage from Earth and Darkness.
      • Will cast Poison on entire party.
  • There are nine treasure chests in the Underground Reservoir.
    • Head down the mossy path until you reach the pool of water. Go left until the very end for the first chest (Ice Talisman).
    • Make your way back towards the right until you see a path of dry land above. Take it up to reach the second and third chests (Teleport Stone and 1340 pg).
    • Return to the path in the water and continue right until you reach another path up. Follow this for a while until you reach a fork. Take the upwards route to reach yet another split in the path. Turn left and head toward the end of the line for chest four (Iron Bangle).
    • Turn around and head back down to the main path, where you first split off (heading up at the second split will lead outside, where there’s a powerful rare monster well beyond your level, and two chests containing Force Armlets and Power Bracers). Return to the main fork and take the center route that heads directly right. At the end you’ll find chests five and six (2x Ether and Pitchfork).
    • Return to the fork and continue down the southern path until you reach the Dungeon Portal and save point. Go down, then left into the submerged trail, leading to the seventh chest (5x Echo Herb).
    • Turn around and keep moving forward until the path splits between a path of dry land up top and one through some water below. Take the lower path and follow it to chest eight (3x Antarctic Wind).
    • Return to the split and take the upper path. Follow it until the next split, then head down to the ninth and final chest. Monsters will spring out (3x Gelaflan, a Dagon, and a Roxolotl). Defeat them to grab a Bulwark Blade.
  • One you cross into the arena beyond the second save point a cutscene will begin, and after you will enter into a boss battle.
    • Make sure to use a Tent here and to save.



Anihal (Beastmaster)

We have a full guide on how to beat Anihal in Bravely Default 2 here, but to give you a quick summary:

  • Anihal: 11520 Health, weak to Earth and Swords.
  • Anihal starts the battle with three of her pets:
    • Gelaflan (Aquatic): 2556 Health – are weak to Fire, Earth, and Staves. Takes half damage from Lightning, and is immune to Water.
      • Casts individual-hitting Blizzard and a party-wide Blizzara.
    • Undine (Spirit): 1448 Health – are weak to Lightning and Swords. Takes half damage from Fire, and absorbs Water.
      • Will cast Silence on a single character.
      • Kill this pet first, since it has the lowest health.
    • Peiste (Aquatic): 2652 Health – are weak to Earth, Spears, and Bows. Absorbs Water.
      • Your Vanguard can use Earth-infused attacks to deal with the Peiste and Anihal.
  • Anihal can drop characters down to 1 HP, and will cast a party-wide Silence. You’ll want Echo Herbs for this fight, and to equip your healer with a White Veil.
  • She will also counter all abilities at low health by summoning a sandworm to deal deadly damage to the party, so you’ll want a Black Mage or two in the party.
  • Conserve BP on your White Mage to ensure they’re always available to group heal or purge Silence.

Bravely Default 2 Chapter 1 Part 2 Walkthrough Finale

Once you defeat Anihal you’ll unlock the Beastmaster Job in Bravely Default 2, and will enter a cutscene with Anihal followed by a second. Once both are over either head back up to the surface on foot, or use a Teleport Stone. Once back in Savalon make your way up to Anihal’s home in the market to move the story forward and bring Part 2 of Chapter 1 in Bravely Default to a close.

Part 3 of the Chapter 1 walkthrough for Bravely Default is still under construction, so check back here for the link when it’s done.

Bravely Default 2 is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on:March 3rd, 2021

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