Can You Break Off Kemono Parts in Wild Hearts?

Can you claim extra parts while battling the Kemono?

by Shaun Cichacki
Will Wild Hearts Come to Game Pass?

Gamers jumping into the world of Wild Hearts may not be certain if it will follow directly in the steps of another franchise that involves hunting monsters, or if certain features have been added or removed. One of the most popular features of the Monster Hunter franchise is the ability to break Monster parts and claim goodies directly from them.

Does this feature make its way into the new EA IP Wild Hearts, or is it something that stays within the world of Capcom’s previously unchallenged franchise? Let’s dive in, grab our favorite weapon and get to work on these terrifying creatures.

Can You Break Monster Parts In Wild Hearts?


As gamers make their way throughout this adventure, claiming parts is a detrimental part of the experience. Not only will players need specific items to upgrade their weapons of choice, but they’ll also need certain parts of these Kemono to choose their ultimate path.

Thankfully, while in a battle against these enemies, players can lock on to specific parts, and focus their attacks directly on these areas. When approaching a Giant Kemono, players will just need to click on the right thumbstick to lock-on, and then press it either left or right to select an area to focus on. Not only is this great for camera control, but it also gives players the option to focus on the face, midsection, or tail.

Focusing attacks on these specific parts will break special items off, which players will just need to run up to and claim either during the battle or in the transfer to another phase. This means, getting the Lavaback parts that you need to upgrade your gear will be easier than ever before.

With a fair number of Kenomo available at launch, players will have quite a bit to look forward to once Wild Hearts lands in their console of choice. Thankfully, those hoping to bring a friend along for the hunt will have plenty of options available to make this happen.

Will Hearts is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.