Can You Go Back to the Slums in Stray?

Find out if you can re-visit the Slums in Stray

by Kara Phillips


The cyberpunk landscape of Stray is home to a mountain of hidden gems and achievements that many players miss on their first exploration. With each location hiding an array of items to collect in return for badges and trophies, it’s a challenge in itself to find everything during the story. So one of the biggest questions players have been asking is whether can they re-visit the Slums to relocate its mountain of collectibles. Read further on to see if you can re-visit the Slums to complete your in-game collection.

Can I Go Back to Find Collectibles in the Slums?

Players can re-visit the Slums in Stray during a single-player playthrough. But, once a certain point is crossed in the story, the ability to return to the Slums will be revoked. Luckily, Stray comes with a chapter selection, so it’s always possible to repeat the chapter, but you will have to sit through unskippable dialogue and cutscenes. 

The Slums is one of Stray’s largest locations and is home to numerous collectibles, and for any collector, it’s essential to re-visit to find them all. In this area, you can find four energy drinks, eight pieces of sheet music, eight memories, and a badge, so it’s not a location you want to breeze through without checking every corner.

But there is a point of no return during the story. Once you have rescued Doc and head toward the open shutter of the Slums, a companion will be standing next to the exit and will state the shutter will be closed once you leave, and there’s no coming back. 

Even though the game states there’s no coming back, it’s reassuring to know that you always have the chapter select option in case you leave anything behind. Replaying a chapter will not lose any progress you’ve made past that point, but it will mean you have to start the chapter from the beginning and collect every item again.

Stray is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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