Can You Play Ship of Fools on the Steam Deck?

Can I swab the deck on the Deck?

by Noah Nelson

Ship of Fools is an upcoming indie roguelite where you or you and a friend sail into a devastating storm called the Aquapocalypse. While Ship of Fools may be coming to many different platforms when it launches, is it playable on the Steam Deck? Here is the answer to if Ship of Fools is playable on the Steam Deck.

Ship of Fools on Steam Deck Explained

The short answer is yes, Ship of Fools is playable on the Steam Deck. Since Ship of Fools will be available on PC via Steam, you can definitely play Ship of Fools on the Steam Deck.

Though many games are technically playable on the Steam Deck, there is a verification system that lets users know exactly what is verified to work on Steam Deck and what hasn’t had enough testing to verify that a game works well on Steam Deck. When it comes to Ship of Fools, it works on Steam Deck perfectly.

Since the controls for Ship of Fools aren’t complicated, can be played on a mouse and keyboard, and can be played on a controller, the Steam Deck has no problem with controlling Ship of Fools. The downside to Steam Deck is that it can’t play couch co-op unless you have a dock and two controllers paired to it.

Though it may currently be unverified, you can play the demo of Ship of Fools on the Steam Deck and eventually the full game when it is released. Ship of Fools is a great game for the Steam Deck.

To reiterate, Ship of Fools is available and playable on the Steam Deck. Though it may take some time for Valve to officially stamp the verified status on the game, you can rest assured that Ship of Fools works great on the Steam Deck and can only improve upon its performance in the future.

Ship of Fools will be available November 22, 2022, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 19th, 2022

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