Crab Champions Multiplayer Guide: How to Play With Friends

How many crabs can fit into Crab Champions?

by Noah Nelson
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With the question of does Crab Champions have multiplayer answered, your next question is likely how to play multiplayer in the game. While going alone can be a blast, having friendly crabs join you in Crab Champions can make for an amazing experience.

How to Play Multiplayer in Crab Champions

You can play Crab Champions with up to three other players. To do so, all you need to do is invite your friends to the game via Steam or through the game itself.

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You can open the Steam chat tab while in the game by pressing shift and tab, selecting your friends, and sending invites to them. The other option to add your friends to your party to play Crab Champions multiplayer is by using the invite system in the game itself.

Currently, you can only play private matches with friends that you add manually. The developer has promised that quickplay is a feature that is coming very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. When quickplay is added, you can navigate to it on the title screen and play online with ease.

Does Crab Champions Have PvP?

The only multiplayer option so far in Crab Champions is co-op PvE. Crab Champions is a roguelike with tons of weapons to unlock and builds to create. Fortunately, you can play the PvE roguelike experience with up to three friends right now.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait on PvP. The developer has promised that PvP is something that is coming, but as long as Crab Champions is in open beta, PvP might take some time.

That is how you play Crab Champions multiplayer. It is an incredibly fun and addicting game that is fast-paced and fluid. While it’s great solo, it gets even better when you and up to three friends set out as weapon-wielding crabs together.

- This article was updated on April 4th, 2023

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