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Cyberpunk 2077 – How to Attach Mods, Scopes, and Silencers

Mod and upgrade your weapons

by Kyle Hanson


Sometimes it seems like everything in Cyberpunk 2077 is customizable. Starting with your character, their background, your play style, and finally the actual items within the game, players have a lot of choice as to how to tailor the experience to their tastes. This is especially true for the weapons and guns featured in the game as well, with most offering lots of ways to improve or enhance their abilities. But the options are all hidden away within the game menus. To help, here’s how to attach mods, scopes, and silencers in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Attach Scopes and Silencers

Let’s start with the simpler one before moving on to mods. The method for both is pretty much the same, but they are different enough to warrant special attention. With scopes, silencers and other attachments you can swap them around a lot between guns. Pop a scope on your assault rifle and you can remove it later if you find something better. That’s the key difference, along with exactly where you attach them, so let’s break that down.

To attach a scope, silencer, or other upgrade to any of your weapons just open up your inventory and select the weapons section. From here you’ll want to identify which gun you wish to attach a scope or silencer to, so scroll through the menu until you locate it. You can sort in the top right, so sorting by DPS can usually help identify your best guns in terms of damage. Once you find it just select that gun and look to the left to see the Attachments section. If there’s an open slot you can select it to bring up your attachment inventory and find the one you wish to use. Select it and it will immediately be applied to the gun, offering whatever bonus that item offers.

Mods are slightly different though, so let’s explain.

How to Attach Mods

Attachments can be swapped in and out as you need, but mods are basically one-time use upgrades for a weapon. The method to attach a mod is the same as above. Just open your inventory, navigate to the weapons, select the gun you want to attach mods to. Look to the left for the Mods section and select the open slot to bring up the menu.

In the new menu you will see all of your available gun mods. Scroll through and pick which one works best for this weapon, but keep in mind that you can’t remove it later. Otherwise it’s the same as the attachments we explained above. The item will upgrade your weapon with whatever stat or effect it describes. Just be sure to not slap a mod onto any of your early guns, since you’ll probably find better stuff later on.

Hopefully this explains how to attach mods, scopes, and silencers in Cyberpunk 2077. If you need help finding more of them, or anything else in the game, be sure to check out our other guides.

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