Dead Space Remake: How to Dispose of the Warhead in Chapter 9

Here's how to survive this deadly room.

by Christian Bognar
Dispose of Warhead in Dead Space

The Dead Space Remake has many puzzles players need to solve to progress further in the story. While some are straightforward, and the game tells you what to do due to the navigation system, other puzzles require more thought. One of these more challenging situations includes the disposing of the warhead. If you are having trouble with this puzzle, we got you covered with the steps and pictures to get you through this safely.

Steps to Dispose the Warhead in Dead Space

When you enter the room, you will notice a spot for a battery on the wall to the left. Take note of this as you continue toward the central platform, where an enemy with an explosive arm will make his way toward you. You must aim for its head or torso and not the arm. If you do end up shooting the arm, the whole room will explode, resulting in death. Image below for reference.


After killing the enemy, destroy every electrical circuit around the platform shown in the image below.


Move to the right of the room, and you will see another enemy behind some rubble. Do the same process as before, aiming for the head or torso and killing it. Behind this enemy, you will notice the battery, which you will need to grab with your Kinesis.


Take the battery and bring it over to the section in the wall mentioned earlier in this article.


Lastly, head to the dashboard and activate it with the appropriate button to dispose of the warhead. This will spark a voice to come on the loudspeaker, letting you know that you have completed the objective.


Now that this objective is out of the way, the game gets harder as you push into the end game. Make sure to locate all the Power Nodes for upgrading the best weapons. Also, locate all the schematics for every gun, so you are prepared for what lies ahead.

Dead Space Remake is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2023