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Demon’s Souls PS5 – How to Use Magic, Cast and Get Spells

Miracle maker or magician, you make the call.

by William Schwartz


In Demon’s Souls there are many different types of builds that you can use.  That includes magic builds which allow you to cast powerful spells.  Using magic in Demon’s Souls isn’t as straight forward as using traditional swords or other weapons so in this guide we’ll explain exactly what you need to do to cast magic and get spells.

There are different types of magic in Demon’s Souls, but if you’re planning on being a magic class you’ll want to make sure that you pick one of the starting classes that are geared towards it.  There are numerous classes that can use magic out of the gate in Demon’s Souls.  The best are the Magician and the Priest.  But the Royalty class and Temple Knight can both cast restorative miracles as well.

The Magician is best, but other classes can use magic as well

These characters will start with the proper equipment and spells that will allow you to cast and use magic right away.

For the magician you will get Flame Toss and Water Veil from the very start and can use them right away in conjunction with the Wooden Catalyst.  As a magic user you’re going to need to have an item that can cast magic in one of your right hand slots.  For the Priest you will use the Talisman to cast miracles like the healing spell which recovers HP.

How to Cast Magic

You can select the catalyst or casting item by tapping the right d-pad.  You can select which spell you want to cast by pressing up on the d-pad.  If you’re able to cast a spell the spell will be in full color, otherwise it will be greyed out slightly.

How to get more spells

You can get more spells in Demon’s Souls once you have made it back to the Nexus after defeating Phalanx.  Both miracle spells and magic spells are available for purchase via NPCs in the Nexus area once you’ve made it far enough into the game.  Also, you should keep in mind that your faith and magic stats need to be at 10 or above to purchase these spells.

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