Destiny 2: All Secret Chest Locations in Root of Nightmares Raid

Find these hidden chests with helpful rewards.

by Christian Bognar
Image: Bungie

The Root of Nightmares Raid is here in Destiny 2, and along with it comes some secret chests that include powerful rewards that make the extra effort worth the trouble. So far, only two secret chests have been found in the latest Raid—but they are well hidden, and it seems players are having difficulty locating them successfully. This guide will walk you through both chest’s locations and the rewards you may find within each.

Secret Chest Locations in Root of Nightmares Raid

Below are the steps to find each secret chest in the Root of Nightmares Raid. These hidden chests will reward players with weapons and armor pieces previously obtained in the most recent Raid. These chests also drop Raid-related mods players can slot into Root of Nightmare armor pieces. Keep in mind these mods will only work for these armor pieces.

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Secret Chest #1

Players must finish the first Raid encounter to find the first secret chest. Continue through the Raid, and as you make your way to the second encounter, there is a path that looks like the branches of a giant white tree—very hard to miss. Walk on these branches-like structures and make your way to the top.

Eventually, you will reach a point where Psions shoot you from a high vantage point. Where the Psions are shooting from is where you must find the first secret chest. Make your way up to the top and defeat the Psions, the Tormentor that spawns, and the chest will be directly on this path.

Secret Chest #2

Players can find the second secret chest at the second jumping puzzle in the Root of Nightmare Raid. Reach the stair area of the jumping puzzle and turn around, facing the complete opposite way of the staircase.

Here you will notice a locked door that players can unlock by shooting a switch nearby. In other words—the door is a straight line from the giant structure with the moon behind it. The switch is to the left-hand side of the door and over the ledge on a platform below.

- This article was updated on March 13th, 2023