Destiny 2 – How to Upgrade the Io Seraph Bunker Most Efficiently

Prepare to upgrade the Seraph Bunker on Io, opening officially on April 7th.

by Jess Menga
io seraph bunker destiny 2 season of the worthy

Players of Destiny 2 have been grinding away to upgrade the Moon Seraph Bunker, the second central bunker in a scheduled rotation for Season of the Worthy, following the one on the EDZ. The bunker on the Moon will remain the nucleus for Seraph activities up until the reset on April 7th, when the Seraph Bunker on Io is set to officially open and become the newly active centerpiece. This guide is for those Season Pass holders who want to know how to most efficiently upgrade the Seraph Bunker on Io. If you’re reading this before April 7th because you want to get a head start on the new bunker’s progress, you can prepare by farming Legendary Shards, Phaseglass Needles, and Warmind Bits to level up the different tiers when Io’s Seraph Bunker opens.

Strategic Leveling

1. Cost Reduction: Tiers 1 – 3

Purchase the cost reduction tiers first, as they will allow your resources to stretch farther for all upgrade purchases that follow.

  • Tier 1: On Io, Seraph Bunker upgrades cost less to acquire.
  • Tier 2: On any destination, Rasputin’s Hand Cannon and Machine Gun weapon frame pursuits cost less to acquire.
  • Tier 3: Io Seraph Bunker upgrades cost less to acquire.

2. Warmind Bit Generation: Tiers 1 – 3

Warmind Bits are the most commonly needed Season 10 currency for upgrades and weapon frames, so it would be wise to focus on these next.

  • Tier 1: On all destinations, completing the Seraph Tower public event has an extra chance of awarding Warmind Bits.
  • Tier 2: Completing Rasputin Weekly bounties awards extra Warmind Bits.
  • Tier 3: Completing Reckoning encounters, public events, and Patrols have a chance to earn bonus.

3. Io Encrypted Warmind Bits: Tiers 1 – 3

Though fewer Encrypted Warmind Bits are required than their regular Warmind Bit counterparts, this currency is also harder to obtain, which makes it a clear third upgrade choice.

  • Tier 1: Encrypted Warmind Bits awarded for completing Flashpoint, Dungeon, and Raid challenges.
  • Tier 2: Io Rasputin chests have a chance to return the used Encrypted Warmind Bits.
  • Tier 3: Use Rasputin’s point defense systems in bunker at reduced cost.
    • The Point Defense Systems are still bugged at this time so avoid purchasing those until fixed


Upgrade What Works for Your Strategy

At this point, you may purchase any of the other upgrades, starting from the upgrade you feel will most benefit you and working your way down. Here are the rest of the upgrades:

  • Planetary Material Auto Collection
    • Tier 1: Rasputin’s resource frames collect planetary materials while you’re busy. Visit the bunker to pick up packages of planetary materials.
    • Tier 2: Rasputin’s storage locker for planetary materials has increased in size: maximum capacity increased.
    • Tier 3: Rasputin’s resource frames are much more efficient collectors: collection rate increased.
  • Rasputin Heavy Frame Spawner
    • Tier 1: Rasputin heavy frame spawner now available in the Seraph bunker on Io.
    • Tier 2: You can now summon heavy frames during Rasputin’s public event on Io.
    • Tier 3: You can now summon heavy frames when clearing Legendary Lost Sectors on Io.
  • Valkyrie Spawner
    • Tier 1: You can now summon Valkyries when clearing the Seraph bunker on Io.
    • Tier 2: You can now summon Valkyries during Rasputin’s public event on Io.
    • Tier 3: You can now summon Valkyries in Legendary Lost Sectors on Io.
  • Rasputin Reward Generation
    • Tier 1: Io bunker rank-up packages have a chance to award additional Seasonal gear.
    • Tier 2: On any destination, opening Rasputin chests in after Seraph Tower public events has a bonus chance of awarding Seasonal gear.
    • Tier 3: Completing Rasputin’s Hand Cannon and Machine Gun weapon frame pursuits has a bonus chance of awarding additional Seasonal gear.

That’s it for Io’s Seraph Bunker upgrades. Don’t miss a beat: click here to stay posted on the latest Destiny 2 news and guides for the Season of the Worthy.