Destiny 2 Neomuni Souvenirs Triumph Guide: How to Get All Lightfall Gear

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by Noah Nelson

If you want to get the Virtual Fighter Title in Destiny 2, you’ll need to complete the Neomuni Souvenirs Triumph. This Triumph sounds fairly simple but can be pretty challenging as you need to collect every piece of gear on Neomuna. Here’s how to get the Neomuni Souvenirs Triumph quickly in Destiny 2.

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How to Get All Lightfall Armor and Weapons in Destiny 2

The objective for the Neomuni Souvenirs Triumph in Destiny 2 is to obtain all of the gear associated with Neomuna. You can track your progress with this by going to the Collections page and selecting the Neomuni Badge.

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Here is all the Neomuni gear in Destiny 2 Lightfall and how to get it all. I’ve broken each section down to help you learn how to get every item required for the Neomuni Souvenirs Triumph in Destiny 2.

How to Get the Neomuna Exotic Ship, Shader, and Emblems

  • Foremost Vimana Exotic Ship – Earn a score of 1,400 or more from Neomuna Triumphs. You can see your active Triumph score when viewing the Neomuna Triumphs page.
  • Scintillant Trajectory Shader – Acquired from Nimbus at rank 24.
  • Sanctuary of Nefele – Complete all Lightfall missions on Legendary difficulty.
  • Terminal Circuit – Open Terminal Overload chests at the end of Terminal Overload activities. This will only work if you launch into the activity from the map page.

For the Foremost Nimana Exotic Ship, you need a score of at least 1,400 in Neomuna. You can check this by going to Journey, then Triumphs, then Neomuna. Here, you’ll see a list of activities and how many points they grant upon completion. Neomuni Sightseeing, a Triumph rewarded to you once you reach 1,400 points, is basically what you’re trying to reach.

The two Emblems aren’t too hard to complete. All you need to do to get Terminal Circuit is open a Terminal Overload chest at the end of a Terminal Overload activity. These rotate daily, but they all count toward getting Terminal Circuit. Sanctuary of Nefele requires you to beat every Lightfall mission on Legendary, which is fun, challenging, and also rewards you with a Lightfall Exotic armor piece of your choosing.

Scintillant Trajectory Shader is easy to get, but it takes a lot of time. You need to reach rank 24 with Nimbus which you can do by doing anything in Neomuna, including the campaign. Be sure to grab and complete as many Neomuna bounties as you can to make this easier.

Best Way to Get All Neomuna Armor Fast in Destiny 2

  • Thunderhead Cover, Mask, or Helm – Acquired from Nimbus by ranking up.
  • Thunderhead Gloves, Grips, or Gauntlets – Acquired from Nimbus by ranking up.
  • Thunderhead Robes, Vest, or Plate – Acquired from Nimbus by ranking up.
  • Thunderhead Boots, Strides, or Greaves – Acquired from Nimbus by ranking up.
  • Thunderhead Bond, Cloak, or Mark – Acquired from Nimbus by ranking up.

Just like the Neomuni Shader, you can get the Thunderhead armor set by ranking up with Nimbus. The fastest way to do that is to complete activities on Neomuna — Lost Sectors, Terminal Overloads, Patrols, Public Events, and bounties.

If you are consistent, you’ll unlock the armor set relatively quickly as you play through the Lightfall campaign.

How to Get All Lightfall Exotic Weapons Fast in Destiny 2

There are three Exotic Lightfall weapons to get, and they are all really fun and cool in their own right. You’ll get every Lightfall Exotic just by progressing through the Lightfall campaign.

After the Lightfall campaign is over, you’ll continue to get quests from Neomuna, and Winterbite, Final Warning, and Deterministic Chaos are all acquired from these Exotic quests given after completing the Lightfall campaign. Complete those quests, get your Exotic weapons, and this part of Neomuni Souvenirs is done.

Best Way to Get All Neomuna Weapons Fast in Destiny 2

  • Dimensional Hypotrochoid Legendary Grenade Launcher – Acquired from completing Lightfall campaign missions. You might also want to know what the PvP and PvE Dimensional Hypotrochoid God Roll is to help you with that.
  • Iterative Loop Legendary Fusion Rifle – Acquired from completing Lightfall campaign missions.
  • Phyllotactic Spiral Legendary Pulse Rifle – Acquired from completing the From Zero… quest.
  • Volta Bracket Legendary Sniper Rifle – Acquired from completing Lightfall campaign missions.
  • Round Robin Legendary Hand Cannon – Acquired from completing the …To Hero quest.
  • Circular Logic Legendary Machine Gun – Acquired from Zephyr Concourse Terminal Overload drops which are available every Thursday and Sunday.
  • Basso Ostinato Legendary Shotgun – Acquired from Ahisma Park Terminal Overload drops which are available every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Synchronic Roulette Legendary Submachine Gun – Acquired from Liming Harbor Terminal Overload drops which are available every Wednesday and Monday.

There are eight Neomuna weapons to get in Destiny 2 Lightfall. Dimensional Hypotrochoid the Grenade Launcher, Iterative Loop the Fusion Rifle, and Volta Bracket the Sniper Rifle, are all acquired by completing the Lightfall campaign missions.

To get Round Robin the Hand Cannon and Phyllotactic Spiral the Pulse Rifle, you need to complete the From Zero… and …To Hero quests which are main Lightfall quests given to you from Nimbus between Lightfall campaign missions. These quests are straightforward — go here on Neomuna, kill these guys, and come back.

To get Circular Logic the Machine Gun, you need to open a Terminal Overload chest in Zephyr Concourse. To get Basso Ostinato the Shotgun, you need to open a Terminal Overload chest in Ahisma Park. To get Synchronic Roulette the Submachine Gun, you need to open a Terminal Overload chest in Liming Harbor.

The Terminal Overload chest drops come down to RNG, so you might not get the weapon right away. However, you can do the Terminal Overload trick to open multiple chests in one run. To do this, complete a Terminal Overload, open the chests, and then leave the POI on a Sparrow and come back and open the chest. You can do this about two times if you are fast, which greatly increases your chance of getting the Neomuna weapons fast.

Good luck collecting all the Neomuna loot and unlocking the Neomuni Souvenirs Triumph! For more on all things Destiny 2, I recommend checking out our main guide hub. There, you’ll keep up with the latest Destiny 2 news and receive guides on everything included in the new seasons.

- This article was updated on July 10th, 2023

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