Diablo Immortal Console Release Date: Is It Coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch?

Find out if the newest Diablo title is making it's way to your television anytime soon

by Shaun Cichacki


While originally igniting controversy within the hardcore Diablo fanbase, Diablo Immortal is starting to make a resurgence of excitement due to the announcement of a PC port of the game, that will be available alongside the mobile version. While we may all have phones, you can’t beat the tactile feedback that you receive while playing a game on a PC, or even a console for that point. With Diablo III gracing just about every system available, players are excited about the possibility of giving Immortal a try on their system of choice before the highly awaited proper sequel comes out.

But, is there going to be a chance to try it out on these consoles, or will Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo owners are left in the dust? Let’s take a look at the current plans for Diablo Immortal, and if there is a chance that the title is going to be available to download on your favorite system, or if you’ll need to hop on your PC to give this game a spin for a more authentic experience.

Will Diablo Immortal Come To Consoles?

While Diablo III looked, played, and sold great on console, it seems like Diablo Immortal may need a little bit more time to fully cook before it makes its way to these systems. After the controversies that surrounded their infamous “don’t you guys have phones?” debacle, it was just recently announced that the game would be coming to PC in beta, while the mobile versions would be released as a full release. With an uncapped framerate and many other perks, it seems like they’re bringing the heat with the PC release, and gamers have a reason to be excited to try it out now.

However, with this free to play title, there’s a small chance we may see it in the future, but it seems like the waters will need to be tested on these other platforms before Blizzard determines if the time and effort to bring these ports over to Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo‘s platform would be worth the investment needed. While it would be great to have this game on consoles, after the remaster of the classic Diablo II, they may need to think long and hard about the best way to make this happen.

For players that are taking the plunge, you’ll be happy to know that cross-saves are enabled between PC and Mobile, allowing gamers to take their progress on the go, or back at home. You won’t need to separate your different characters, as you’ll be able to continue working on them anywhere you go. If only there was another portable platform with physical controls that would be the perfect home for this title.

Diablo Immortal will release on June 2nd for PC and Mobile devices. There is currently no word on a Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch release.

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