Do CS:GO Skins Transfer Over to Counter Strike 2? – Answered

Will your hard earned skins carry over to the newer version?

by Christian Bognar
Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test
Image: Valve

Counter-Strike 2, announced by Valve, will be an upgrade for CS: GO, and some players even have the opportunity to play today before the official release in the summer of 2023. Those interested in the new Counter-Strike game may wonder whether their skins will carry over to the newly announced version. We have everything you need to know.

Will Skins Transfer Over to Counter-Strike 2?

After the recent announcement of Counter-Strike 2, Valve has confirmed that all skins and cosmetics will carry over to the newer version. This is excellent news considering some of the skins players have are worth a lot of money, and losing them would be a huge shame.

The publisher said during the announcement, “Not only will you keep every item you’ve collected over the years, but they’ll all benefit from source two lighting and materials.” Source 2 lighting will make the game look more next-gen than it currently looks, so everyone’s skins and cosmetics will pop on screen!

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Fans have much to look forward to in the upcoming Counter-Strike 2 as the publisher has confirmed that they are making significant changes to the series, including an upgrade to maps, smokes, gameplay, and more.

You can check out all the information about the game on the official Counter-strike website. It states how this will be the franchise’s most significant technological leap forward, and Valve will provide continuous support and updates throughout the game’s lifespan.

If you aren’t one of the lucky players to play the game early, you can pass the time by playing all of the Counter-Strike games in order. There are four in total, not including Counter-Strike 2, so playing them all will undoubtedly take up a good chunk of your time, and before you know it, summer will be here for the latest addition!

If you want to take your chances and get into the Counter-Strike 2 limited access test, check out our guide on how enter.

- This article was updated on March 22nd, 2023

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