Does Atomic Heart Have Mods? All Mods Explained

Are you wondering if Atomic Heart has any mods for you?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Mundfish

Atomic Heart will have players who are always on the hunt for any mods to add to their game. While some are busy learning how to open the map in the game, others will be focused on bringing even more enjoyment to the game. This article will explain to you if there are any Atomic Heart mods that you can get.

Atomic Heart Mods: Are There Any Available?

Yes, Atomic Heart does have mods for you to use so you won’t run out of things to do in the game too quickly thanks to modders always finding interesting ways to keep games fresh for many years. Whether you are just looking for some general setting adjusters or fun mods, the possibilities can flow effortlessly over time.

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Listed below are all of the mods available at the moment except we have removed some duplicate mods from the list. For example, a Free Camera is included in the UE Tools mod and therefore another mod just focusing on Free Camera has not been included.

All Atomic Heart Mods Explained

Custom Field of View

This mod by Sidusz will allow you to adjust the field of view for the camera between 90 and 140 degrees in total. This means that if you feel the camera is slightly restrictive with what you can observe around you then you will be able to increase the overall view size.

UE Tools — Free Camera, Debugging, Developer Tools

UE Tools by Cranchbluewolf lets you take control of many aspects of the game since you have access to developer tools. Whether you want to use the free camera functionality of the mod or otherwise, this will be nice to have for many players. As an extra note, the mod can be opened by use of the “F10” key or even the “~” symbol, whichever you prefer to use.

Easiest Piston Lock

If you don’t enjoy hacking in the game via the Piston Locks then this mod by Sidusz will have you covered. It makes these much easier to complete. Sometimes people may need some help with these locks so it’s good to have.

ABPML for Atomic Heart (Loader for BP mods)

This specific mod by Lisht will load any logic-based blueprint mods for Atomic Heart. This one will be worth a read through the description to think about whether you actually need it or not for your gameplay.

Increased Inventory and Storage

The mod does as it says on the tin and increases your overall inventory space and storage in the game. Great to have if you are collecting a lot of items throughout the world. The mod by Sidiusz can be found here.

Pimp My Color Spectrum

The Pimp My Color mod by Narcoshade will adjust color and exposure for the world. This can be useful if you feel that Atomic Heart doesn’t have as much color as it should at any point. If you’re looking to boose the vibrancy of the areas even more then this mod is for you.

Difficulty Set

The Difficulty Set mod by pb666 will let you adjust values for health, stamina, general difficulty, and more. This will allow you to have an even further level of customization for your experience while playing Atomic Heart.


The Skip Intro mod by 3anglevision will let you get past the long intro without any issues upon starting the game. If you are starting up a new game after already completing a playthrough then this is a brilliant time-saving mod to have.

As can be observed, there are plenty of mods to keep you occupied while playing through Atomic Heart. There are however no romance option mods on offer if you happened to be looking to further general narrative possibilities in the game.

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2023