Is There Romance In Atomic Heart?

Is there time for love in Atomic Heart?

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Mundfish

While gamers explore this alternate landscape version of the USSR, gamers in Atomic Heart may have something else on their mind. While the main point of this game is to shoot your way through the baddies, does that mean there is no time for love to bloom on the battlefield? The robotic twins that have been showcased seem to have caught the attention of gamers in the search for love and they want to know if romance is an option in this newly released open-world shooter.

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Image: Mundfish

As stated in our review of the game, there are plenty of mature moments in Atomic Heart. From the initial trailer reveal, the twin robots had garnered much attention online, and not always in the most positive light. While working through Atomic Heart, there are plenty of sexualized moments that may leave some gamers uncomfortable, especially when it comes to the robots at hand.

However, those looking for romance options in this game, much like the Persona series offers may be left feeling disappointed. There are no proper romance options available in Atomic Heart, as the main focus is paid to the run-and-gun nature displayed on the screen. Throughout the runtime, players may see a wink or a nod towards a romantic interest, but nothing they can partake in to affect the outcome.

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With some of the overtones that this game has on display, it may not be the most comfortable to play around with a significant other or those beyond a specific age limit. This is not an experience for those faint of heart, so prepare accordingly before dipping into the world that Mundfish has created.

Exploring the world before you may be enough to get the blood pumping in the old ticker, and some of the more racy scenes are enough to make most blush, but it seems that true romance is not on the docket for this hero. With some fans even feeling uneasy about NORA, the upgrade robot, maybe it’s a good thing that romance wasn’t added to the final product.

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2023