Does Undisputed Have Multiplayer?

Can you challenge your friends in this new Boxing game? Find out here!

by Shaun Cichacki

Nothing is more satisfying than sending your opponent to the canvas in Undisputed, and gamers pining for the wonder years of the Fight Night series may be wondering if they’ll be able to bring the pain to a friend online or on the couch. With over 50 champions to choose from, players hoping to knock some sense into a buddy may be hoping they can do so locally or online.

Is this going to be a lonely road to the Championship, or will gamers get a chance to duke it out with the best of them? Let’s find out if Undisputed happens to have any form of multiplayer currently available, or if that is something coming to the game in the future.

Can You Play Multiplayer In Undisputed?

Thankfully, for those hoping to humble a friend who likes to talk a little too much trash, Undisputed does happen to have a Multiplayer mode. What makes this even better, is the fact that it also supports local play against friends. Get your PC hooked up to a TV as soon as possible, because it may be a little while before you can bring the pain to your console friends.

With a few different options to choose from, players can jump right in with their fighters of choice and start laying the smackdown on their friends, or they can challenge others across the globe through a matchmaking system. More options are getting added in the future for this title, so players will need to wait a little while before trying to become the true champion of the world.

While Michael Buffer may not be the one starting a match off, players will find that the color commentary delivered during these matches will keep the blood pumping from the first bell until the final 10-count, so players should prepare themselves accordingly before taking on the champion of their hometown.

Undisputed is available now in Early Access on PC.

- This article was updated on January 31st, 2023