Dying Light 2 Football Blueprint: How to Get the Soccer Ball


by Elliott Gatica


Dying Light 2 has its fair share of secrets and Easter Eggs. Some are quite useful, like the Korek making somewhat of a return in the game. Others are just for novelty purposes if you need a break from making tough decisions and killing bandits and zombies. There’s a football (or fútbol) secret in the game that gives you an actual ball to play with while doing something really cryptic. Here is how you can get a soccer ball in Dying Light 2.

How to get a Soccer Ball in Dying Light 2

It doesn’t matter how far you are in terms of the story’s progression to get the football blueprint. In fact, it can be achieved just as long as you go far up towards the Saint Joseph Hospital. There’s a fenced-off area just north of it where you can see some GRE quarantine tents set up inside. You’ll also notice remnants of what was a soccer field.

There is only one goal post, so that makes this a little more straightforward. In the center of the court, there should be a soccer ball that you can move around by either moving next to it or using melee attacks. You have to earn a cumulative total of 9 goals in different instances. You can’t just simply get the ball through the goal, bring it back to centerfield, and do it again.

The game will trigger a specific event of some infected dancing around in a celebratory fanfare upon doing this nine times, then you have to defeat it. It can be really time-consuming having to teleport/fast travel or save-quit nine times to get this done, especially if you’re on last-gen hardware like a PS4 or Xbox One.

Upon defeating the large infected, you’ll unlock a box that gives you the blueprint for the “United in Fun – Everyone Can Play!” item, which is basically a craftable soccer ball. It takes 369 scraps to build, so it can be easily craftable in the endgame.

Dying Light 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. A Nintendo Switch port is due for release later this year in 2022.

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