Dying Light 2 Money Farm: How to Get Money Fast

The only time it's acceptable to be a looter.

by Elliott Gatica


Dying Light 2 pits you, the player, in a world where resources are scarce. This includes money, which can help you upgrade items and get better gear in general. Having money will definitely be important if you want to get an early start so you can be viable for harder content in the game. Here, we’ll give some tips on how you can farm money fast in Dying Light 2.

How to farm money fast in Dying Light 2

There are multiple ways to get money in the game, but those methods can be rather slow because monetary gains are slow processes. There are two reliable ways in which you can do this, three if you take the easier route.

Set the difficulty to easy

Setting the difficulty to easy will make you earn more rewards all throughout. This includes most loot sources from the overworld. The harder the difficulty, the fewer rewards there’ll be. This is a bit of a “cheap” way to get more things to sell.

Loot corpses


Defeating enemies gives you a chance to loot their corpses. On easier difficulties, you will earn more materials, including Old World money. In the case that you’re killing tens of infected left and right, you can wait until the corpses despawn. When they despawn, they’ll drop packages where they can just be picked up without having to hold the corresponding button to loot them.

Evacuation Convoys

Many of these places pop up out in the overworld. Just clear the enemies inhabiting the area and then you’re clear to loot these convoys. You will need to lockpick the abandoned vehicles, so make sure to craft a few of these. Better yet, upgrade the blueprint for them so you can create stronger and more durable lockpicks.

When you start picking up all of these random goodies from bodies and chests, sell those that aren’t required for crafting. Watch the money rack up, allowing for you to trade for better goods at vendors.

Dying Light 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC.

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