Dying Light 2: Where to Find Electrical Parts

These are the more important crafting materials for higher-level equipment.

by Elliott Gatica


Crafting may be an afterthought when going through the main story of Dying Light 2, but it’ll become crucial when you get towards the endgame content and scaled levels of enemies. In doing so, you’ll start crafting items like mods for your weapons which will need different crafting materials, like Electrical parts. Here is where you can get Electrical Parts in Dying Light 2.

Where to find Electrical parts in Dying Light 2

These are an uncommon item in the sense that they aren’t easily found by looting corpses or possible rewards for sidequests and encounters. Instead, Electrical parts are more likely to be found in areas like Forsaken Stores and other indoor areas alike. If you run into an area where you see concession stands, try looting the cash registers and broken surveillance cameras. They’ll almost always have an electrical part you can get from them.

To ensure that you might find these parts, always use your survivor sense around the tables. If you see a green dot, they’ll most likely be there. Another good source of finding Electrical Parts is by clearing out the metro stations between Old Villedor and the Central Loop. These places usually have some kind of concessions at the front and can give you a generous amount of them.

Of course with the metro method, you want to loot these places before establishing the generators for them. If you establish a generator, all loot you haven’t claimed becomes lost.

Luckily there is a farming spot just south of the ‘Larch’ Windmill in Old Villedor where you can take a rest and go into the Forsaken Store to the building south of that establishment. Go in there during the night where the infected are more dormant so you can sneak through, get the Electrical Parts, rinse and repeat.

Dying Light 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC. A Nintendo Switch port is due for release later this year in 2022.

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