Elden Ring Godskin Duo Cheese Strategy: How to Easily Beat the Godskin Duo

The annoying Noble and Apostle aren't immune to that cheese.

by Elliott Gatica

There are dozens of bosses in Elden Ring that are going to have us raging so hard. Some are just difficult because of timing mechanics and damage while others just feel outright broken and unfair. In a rare instance here, there is a double boss fight that is the definition of pain. So here, we’ll go over how you can cheese the Godskin Duo, a mandatory boss fight to progress with the story of Elden Ring.

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How to Cheese the Godskin Duo in Elden Ring

Now with patch 1.03, it does seem like doing the ol’ reliable combination of Mimic Tear and Hoarfrost spam is not a viable strategy here. That isn’t the case. You can still very much do that still, but you can’t rely on your Mimic Tear to do all the damage. They can take the aggro, but you’ll have to assume more of an offensive role so they won’t fall in battle.

The Godskin Duo are two annoying bosses fought at the same time, so diverting their attention will turn this into a much easier battle. Using any summon that can take a lot of heat is key here. Even if you don’t use the Mimic Tear, a good defensive alternative is the Greatshield Soldier Ashes.

If you want a more straightforward method of doing this, you can respec with Rennala and gear yourself toward magic. It seems that the Godskin Duo can stagger if you use certain heavy attacks, weapons, and hard-hitting magic. You can still use the summons to draw aggro away from you.

Use your strongest Glintstone Staff like the Azur’s Glintstone Staff or the Lusat Glintstone Staff since they scale extremely well with Intelligence. Then, you’ll want to use the Comet Azur and Terra Magica combo.


Start the fight by using your summon so they can draw aggro. Then, use Terra Magica to give yourself a spell boost. For a bonus, you can use the Wondrous Physick mix to put in the Cerulean Hidden Tear. This will essentially give you infinite FP for a little while.

So, in this order, do the following:

  • Summon your Spirit Ash
  • Cast Terra Magica
  • Use the Cerulean Hidden Tear
  • Cast Comet Azur

Profit? Kidding, but if done correctly, you can essentially destroy the health bar of one of the Godskins if they come into contact with the beam of your Comet Azur. As long as you take one out, the boss fight is trivialized.

Elden Ring is out now for the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC.

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