Elden Ring: How to Respec After Sellen Quest

Don't fret, the Queen is not gone forever.

by Elliott Gatica


Many players who are taking on the various sidequests given by NPCs in Elden Ring will sometimes feel like they messed up. “Oh no, this person who used to be an NPC who does important things is dead!” That’s definitely a feeling, but luckily, some measurements have been put in place so that crucial characters don’t lock you out of key features down the line. In the Sellen questline, you may notice certain characters absent, like Queen Rennala. Here is how you can respec after completing the Sellen quest in Elden Ring.

How to respec after the Sellen quest in Elden Ring

As you approach the last few parts of this quest, you have to make the decision to either side with Sellen or Jerren. If you chose to side with Sellen to defeat Jerren, the quest will further advance to where she’s in the middle of the Raya Lucaria Grand Library, thanking you.

You might think that you can no longer use your Larval Tears to perform a Rebirth because Queen Rennala is gone. That isn’t the case. If Sellen is in her place instead, all you’ll need to do is talk to her first. Exhaust all the dialogue. You’ll know you have exhausted her dialogue if she keeps repeating the last thing she said. Once you do that, just simply reload in the area.

You can reload the Raya Lucaria Grand Library Site of Grace by either save-quitting or by fast-traveling back to that area. As long as you initiate a loading screen to this location after the dialogue, Rennala will be in that spot again.

There is no way that FromSoftware would essentially lock you out from re-speccing your character to try out different builds and essentially force you into a certain playstyle until you hit New Game+ or start a new character.

Elden Ring is out now for the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC.

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