Elden Ring Sellen Questline Guide: All Locations and Steps

This reviled, apostate witch can be quite useful for magic and endgame builds.

by Elliott Gatica


Sorceress Sellen is an early-game NPC who has a lot of lore tied to her as well as a rather lengthy questline. She’s someone who you don’t want to outright kill because of the story-building and good rewards you’ll get along the way. However, there is a lot of traveling to do so you can finally get to complete it. Here, we’ll go through the questline for Sellen in Elden Ring.

Sellen Questline Guide in Elden Ring

To start this quest, you’ll meet her at the Waypoint Ruins. She can also give you a few sorceries in exchange for runes, so keep that in mind if you’re going for a magic build. Exhaust all unique dialogue with her that will open more opportunities and lore to learn. This will also include learning new spells from her.

Next, as you are on your way up north towards Volcano Manor, you’ll come across the Hermit Village. An NPC named Azur will await you at a Site of Grace literally called Primeval Sorcerer Azur. Talk to him and he’ll give you perhaps one of the strongest spells in the game.


Now, go back to Sellen and she’ll tell you about Master Lusat who has been trapped in the Sellia Hideaway. Go there and free him. Explore the cave thoroughly, because there is a boss and some other collectibles you may want to snag.

Then, you’ll have to defeat General Radahn. This might be an extremely tough battle, now that his nerfs have been reversed. He’s now just as fearsome as he was when the game first came out. Also, it does not matter if you save Lusat before or after defeating Radahn.

Once you have done both of these, you will then have to return to Sellen at Waypoint Ruins. She’ll tell you to find her actual body at Witchbane Ruins. The one you’re talking to now is only a projection. Go there; it’s located south of the Fourth Church of Marika Site of Grace in Limgrave. You’ll be given her Primal Glintstone.


Next, you’ll have to find Jerren, a witch hunter located at Redmane Castle. Talk to him until he runs out of new dialogue. Once you did that, return to Sellen at Witchbane, to somehow find Jerren there as well. Exhaust all unique dialogue there, then go to the Three Sisters area in Liurnia. You will have to clear Caria Manor before proceeding.

There is a hidden set of ruins placed between Renna’s Rise and Ranni’s Rise. Luckily, if you are playing with an active internet connection, there will probably be a message that will tell you that there is a “hidden path ahead” or something along those lines. You’ll have to unveil a hidden staircase that leads down.

Here, you’ll find a glowing message at one of the corners that tells you to not touch anything. Disobey that and unveil the second fake wall. Behind it is the Sellen that you’ll give her Primal Glintstone to. Upon doing this, she will no longer be at Witchbane or Waypoint Ruins.


Now, for the final part of this back-and-forth fetch quest, head over to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library. This is where you defeated Rennala and gained the ability to respec. Head outside where you originally fought Moongrum, Carian Knight. Here, you have to make a choice.

Challenge or Assist Sorceress Sellen?

If you choose to challenge Sellen, you will ultimately kill her, but you will get her Bell Bearing. This is a safe way to buy any sort of sorceries you did not originally get from her. However, you’ll also get an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, which is extremely valuable when maxing out your weapon’s strength.

If you assist her to kill Jerren, you’ll earn the Eccentric armor set and the Glintstone Kris dagger weapon. Also, you will be able to get Azur’s entire armor set, including the hat, which is extremely powerful for magic builds.

Elden Ring is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC.

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