Elden Ring: Should You Open the Evergaol and Free Blaidd or Not?

Should you bail out Blaidd?

by Diego Perez


Blaidd the Half-Wolf is one of the coolest characters in Elden Ring, and players will have to choose to either free him or leave him trapped at one point during his questline. Blacksmith Iji, who is seemingly an ally to both you and Blaidd, has trapped Blaidd in the Forlorn Hound Evergaol. This is the same place where you and Blaidd defeated Darrwil, which is quite ironic now that Blaidd has found himself trapped there. Blaidd has helped you out quite a bit throughout your journey, so you should open the Evergaol and free Blaidd or should you not?

Should You Free Blaidd in Elden Ring?

When you find Blaidd trapped in the Forlorn Hound Evergaol, you will have the option to either open the Evergaol or not. If you open the Evergaol, Blaidd will appear and thank you for your help. He’ll tell you that he’s going to see Ranni and check if she’s still safe. He also says he doesn’t know why exactly Iji trapped him in the Evergaol, but there really aren’t any hard feelings about it. He’ll then head off to Ranni’s Rise, but you won’t be able to follow.

What Happens If You Don’t Free Blaidd?

If you choose not to free Blaidd and leave him in the Evergaol, nothing will happen. You can continue your adventure, delve into Nokron, Eternal City, or go explore elsewhere. Blaidd will escape the Evergaol anyway, and his questline will continue regardless of your choice here.

Your decision here does not matter. Nothing will change in the story, and Blaidd’s full questline will still be available to you no matter what. Most players don’t even come across Blaidd in the Evergaol anyway, instead opting to just explore Nokron and wonder why he’s not there.

Before you can see Blaidd again, you must complete Ranni’s entire questline. There isn’t much left to it at this point, but you will need to seek out some rare items in Nokron and return to Ranni for your final few instructions. After completing Ranni’s storyline, you can find Blaidd at Ranni’s Rise to complete his quest.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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