Elden Ring Spear Locations: Where to Get a Thrusting Weapon

Pierce the enemy's defenses with this weapon.

by J.R. Waugh


Some of the most effective tactical weapons in Elden Ring are those with excellent range and quick strikes, so Spears are worthwhile tools to have in your arsenal.  Whether you’re a strong melee user or looking to enchant a weapon to get more mileage out of your FP pool, a piercing weapon can come in handy keeping enemies from getting too close.  Finding a Spear might be trickier than finding other common weapons since so many enemies wield Swords or Axes, but there are a couple of worthwhile, early, avenues you can take.  Read on for our guide on Where to Get a Spear in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring Spear Locations: Where to Get a Thrusting Weapon

There are 2 easy methods you can take, one resulting in a guaranteed drop of a high-level Spear+7, or the same Spear but without the upgrades built-in that comes from some farming.  The Spears have relatively low Dexterity and Strength requirements to wield them, and scale well to Dexterity.

Method 1: Fight and Kill Patches


Patches is found in Murkwater Cave, and in this one, you must fight him as he ambushes you, and are presented with the choice to spare him when he pleads for his life.  If you don’t listen and finish him off, you’ll get the Spear+7, boasting excellent damage potential with relative ease getting it.

Method 2: Farming for Spears


Go to the Rampart Tower site of grace at Stormveil castle.  Staying indoors, go to the wooden staircase, there will be a soldier wielding the same Spear Patches uses, kill him, and keep fast-traveling to the same site of grace until he drops one.  This is a base Spear and a good alternative if you want to see Patches’ story unfold more in the game, although if you don’t spare him, you can buy some of his wares from the Twin Maiden Husks using his Bell Bearing.

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Elden Ring is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S.

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