Elden Ring: Where to Deliver Irina’s Letter

What does it take for players to meet Irina's father?

by Marc Magrini


There are plenty of quests for players to complete in Elden Ring. As you explore the Lands Between, you’ll encounter numerous NPCs. They’ll request help in some form of another, either to clear out enemies or deliver an item to one of their allies. One case of the latter occurs when you meet Irina in Limgrave. She’ll ask for the player to deliver a letter to her father, located in Castle Morne. It sounds simple enough, at first, but fighting through the castle and delivering Irina’s letter can prove to be a challenging task.

Where to Deliver Irina’s Letter

The letter must be delivered to an NPC named Edgar within Castle Morne, which is located just south of where Irina is found. He is situated near a Site of Lost Grace, but heading there will make it more difficult to reach him; players can only access his location from within the castle walls. Edgar is found at one of the highest points of the castle, so players will need to fight through some enemies and climb some ladders in order to meet with him. Upon speaking with him, a prompt will appear that allows the letter to be delivered.

Edgar will not move after being given the letter, but he will tell the player about his duty – protecting the Sword of Morne. In order to progress with Edgar’s questline, players will need to obtain this sword. Irina should also be checked up on; after all, her own request has been completed. After everything necessary has been done, players can speak with Edgar to convince him to reunite with his daughter. Afterwards, they can return to Irina’s location to find Edgar there.

Going through this quest will grant some useful items, including the Grafted Blade Greatsword. Since Castle Morne is filled with powerful enemies, players should ensure that they are properly leveled before attempting to deliver the letter.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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