FFXIV Free Trial Restrictions: Everything You Can’t Do Without a Subscription

So, what can't you do in the Free Trial?

by Andron Smith

Thinking of trying out Final Fantasy XIV and concerned with the FFXIV Free Trial Restrictions? Well, there are quite a few but they’re there to ensure the game’s economy doesn’t tank due to “bad actors”. Certain restrictions such as not allowing access to the market board are not there to stop your fun, but to primarily prevent real money traders (Gil sellers) from abusing the system and ruining the game for everyone. While yes there are quite a few things you can’t do during the free trial, you will still be able to get mounts, experience hundreds of hours of the story through the end of the Heavensward Expansion, and even snag a polar bear or something else during the game’s many events! Even with the restrictions imposed on the free trial, there is PLENTY to do in the realm of Eorzea and beyond. With that in mind, here is everything we know about Free Trial Restrictions in Final Fantasy XIV.

Free Trial Restrictions in Final Fantasy XIV

Free Trial Restrictions in FFXIV include but are not limited to being unable to hold over 300k Gil, being unable to use the market board, being unable to shout or yell in general chat, and being unable to level up beyond level 60. These are considered the most hampering restrictions of the free trial but here is the full list of FFXIV free trial restrictions per Square Enix.

What can’t you do without a subscription

  • Free Trial Players can only purchase select items from the Mogstation for in game use. These are items purchased with real money, not Gil,  such as multi-rider mounts and cosmetics.
  • Free Trial Players can only create up to eight total characters with only one in each world.
  • The level cap for all Free Trial Players is 60. This ties into the max level of Heavensward.
  • Only 300k Gil can be held by a free trial player. This prevents those players from having enough to purchase a house in-game. It’s recommended to burn through the Gil you get once capped on armor and gear from vendors as you will easily earn over a million during the main story quests.
  • Free Trial Players cannot use the “shout,” “yell,” or “tell” in-game chat options. You can use party chat during Duty Finders and the “say” command in general chat.
  • Free Trial Players cannot access the market board. This prevents players from buying or selling goods with other players using the in-game market board. IE, you can’t buy the super cool glamour without a restriction. In addition, you can’t hire retainers so it is completely prevented all around.
  • Trade and sending letters are prohibited between Free Trial Players and any others.
  • Free Trial Players cannot create their own Linkshells (a way of chat without a party or free company requirement) but they can join a Linkshell if invited by another player.
  • Free Trial Players cannot create or join a Free Company. Unlike Grand Companies, free companies are run by players and most have housing on offer as well as buffs running that increase your experience rate amongst others. Think of this as a guild in most MMOs.
  • Free Trial Players can join a party if invited or by using the Duty Finder but they cannot create their own. IE, you can’t invite others but they can invite you or you can randomly join one through the Duty Finder.
  • Free Trial Players cannot create or join a PvP team or participate in The Feast (Ranked Match) or The Feast (Team Ranked Match). This is a four on four PvP mode where you can earn your way up to some really awesome rewards during each season.
  • Free Trial Players cannot log into the Lodestone, the official forum, or Companion application during the Free Trial. We honestly don’t know why this is. Assuming it’s to not have griefers invade the paying customers’ areas.


Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. Be sure to check out our other Final Fantasy XIV guides while you’re here!