FFXIV: How To Remove Sprout Status (Updated for Endwalker)

Time to shed that leaf.

by Andron Smith , Diego Perez
Image: Square Enix

Every Warrior of Light starts their Final Fantasy XIV journey as a lowly sprout, but not everyone wants to have that small green icon floating by their name at all times. It goes away eventually, but there are ways to get rid of it faster if you’re desperate.

FFXIV Sprout Meaning

The sprout icon is placed next to every new player’s name in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s the mark of a New Adventurer, a symbol that lets the FFXIV community know to treat these players with more patience and help them out if they need it.

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Sprouts are looked upon fondly in Final Fantasy XIV, and you won’t encounter anyone being toxic toward new players in most content. Most FFXIV players will even wait to pull bosses and start fights until every new person has finished watching cutscenes!

How to Remove Your Sprout in Final Fantasy XIV

The FFXIV sprout icon can be removed in two ways. The intended way to remove the sprout icon is to progress far enough in the main storyline. After completing the Main Scenario Quest “Death Unto Dawn” and logging at least 300 hours played, the sprout will be removed. Death Unto Dawn is the final quest of Patch 5.55, the last Shadowbringers patch. The Endwalker expansion begins immediately after this quest.

Image: Square Enix

If you’re desperate to get rid of your sprout icon, then there’s a command you can use to remove it without meeting the necessary criteria. Just type “/nastatus off” and you’ll be free of your sprout! If you want to reclaim your New Adventurer status, just type “/nastatus on.”

The sprout requirements are updated with every new Final Fantasy XIV expansion, but the general idea remains the same. Removing a sprout always involves completing the MSQ up until the most current expansion and having a few hundred hours of playtime under your belt. For example, when Dawntrail releases in the coming months, you’ll need to finish Endwalker’s main storyline and all of the patch content released afterward while also amassing a playtime of roughly 400 hours to remove your sprout.

- This article was updated on November 22nd, 2023