FIFA 23 Release Time: When Does the Game Unlock on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC?

When can I start playing FIFA 23?

by Noah Nelson


If you are itching to jump into FIFA 23 as soon as possible, you’ve come to the right place. With FIFA 23 being the end of the FIFA franchise before the start of EA Sports FC, fans are ready to play the last love letter to the FIFA franchise. Here is when FIFA 23 releases on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

FIFA 23 Release Time

FIFA 23 is set to release on September 30, 2022. You can start pre-loading FIFA 23 starting September 24, 2022. The file size for FIFA 23 is estimated to be around 50 to 55 GB.

The first people that get to play FIFA 23 are those that purchased the Ultimate Edition. If you purchased the Ultimate Edition, you can start playing FIFA 23 on September 27, 2022. Also, if you are a member of EA Play, you can get 10 hours of early access to FIFA 23.

For everyone else, FIFA 23 will be available on September 30, 2022. The release times for all of these dates aren’t known yet, but from what we know about previous FIFA releases, the release time for FIFA 23 will be midnight in your time zone.

We do know that PlayStation, Xbox, and PC all have the same release times for FIFA 23. As we mentioned earlier, it is fair to say that the release times are midnight in your current time zone.

If new information becomes available, we will let you know. For now, you can preview the FIFA 23 soundtrack and learn every way to play FIFA 23 early.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to wait for the pre-load time and then wait for the early access time and then wait for the full FIFA 23 release. But don’t worry, it will be worth it. There are characters to collect, teams to form, and much more in FIFA 23.

For more FIFA 23 content, check out our FIFA 23 page.

FIFA 23 will release on September 30, 2022, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch.

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