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Fortnite: How to Revive Teammates in Pro 100

Reviving players is much more complicated than it sounds.

by Diego Perez


The latest set of Cosmic Summer challenges is now live in Fortnite, and a quest to revive teammates in Pro 100 is proving to be quite the challenge for many people. Pro 100 is a fast-paced team deathmatch mode, and it takes a long time to revive a fallen ally in Fortnite. Because of this, most people just get eliminated by an enemy before they can finish reviving their teammates. Thankfully, there are a few ways to cheat the system and get this Cosmic Summer quest done without much of a hassle. Here’s how to revive teammates in Pro 100 in Fortnite and complete the Cosmic Summer challenge.

How to Revive Teammates in Pro 100 in Fortnite

To complete this challenge, you have to revive 20 players. That’s way more than it sounds like on paper, and this quest will likely take quite a few matches to finish. The best places to revive other players are in the spawn areas that have a lot of cover. If you use a sniper rifle and snipe enemy players from the windows above, you should have plenty of protection if you get knocked down. Just hang out up top with some other players and revive each other when you get knocked down and you’ll make quick work of this challenge.


No matter which way you look at it though, this challenge is incredibly difficult to complete without a premade group of friends or very helpful randoms. If you have a friend or two, you can all snipe from the elevated windows and revive each other when you get knocked down. You can also try to hide under the staircases that lead into the main arena from the spawn area if you get knocked down because enemies rarely check those corners.

If you get lucky, then both teams might call for a ceasefire in order to complete this challenge. Because very few players are playing Pro 100 just for the fun of it, most players in your match will be there to get these challenges done. The revive teammates quest is the one most people get stuck on, so some lobbies with small player counts might stop fighting altogether and just focus on reviving. I came across a few matches like this when working on the challenge myself, but these will be very rare. If you don’t have friends to play with and don’t want to take your chances alone, then just hop from lobby to lobby until you find one that works for you.


Again, this challenge is going to be a pain to finish no matter what. Because the respawn timers are so short and players have access to powerful weapons right off the bat, it can seem like reviving players in Pro 100 is impossible at times. This is easily the most frustrating challenge of the Cosmic Summer event so far. If you find that you can’t get it done on your own, you may just have to recruit a friend or look for a group of other people who need to get it done too. Once you wrap up the Pro 100 challenges you can get to work on the other Cosmic Summer challenges, like playing Bio’s Zone Wars Trio, if you haven’t already.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on July 9th, 2021

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