Fortnite Ranger Shotgun: Location, Stats, and More Details

Find out details about the newest shotgun in the Fortnite library!

by Shaun Cichacki


While there are still plenty of things happening in the world of Fortnite, a new gun always adds some excitement! You’ll be able to come across a new Shotgun in the popular Battle Royale, the Ranger Shotgun, offering some killer stats for the new piece of equipment.

However, where do you get one? Is it worth your time to track one of these down, and if so, where do you find one? Let’s get into the details, and find out if the Ranger Shotgun is worth occupying a spot in your gear.

Fortnite – Ranger Shotgun Stats, Location, and More


Added in with the new V20.20 update, you’ll be able to find the Ranger Shotgun spread throughout the map. You can get your hands on this gun from certain vendors, chests, supply drops, and from taking down the sharks that dwell in the waters.

The Ranger Shotgun does have some drawbacks, but it makes up for them quickly. You’ll have to reload between every shot, making this a bit of a last-ditch effort if you’re looking to bring your enemy to their knees, as shotguns are normally rapid-fire and deal significant damage. However, you’ll notice that this does a massive amount of damage, and has a much longer range than most shotguns, so you may be able to master it quickly.

Thankfully, however, while it is a single-shot gun, the reload animation is quite speedy, so you’ll be able to utilize it up-close and personal if needed. You could effectively eliminate a player with two shots if you’re within the proper distance, and depending on how high their shield level is, those that are comfortable with the way that the shotguns feel could easily find a new favorite weapon.

The stats for this weapon are as follows:


  • Damage to player =117
  • Magazine size = 1
  • Fire rate = 3
  • Reload time = 1.65


  • Damage to player = 123
  • Magazine size =1
  • Fire rate =3
  • Reload time = 1.575


  • Damage to player = 129
  • Magazine size =1
  • Fire rate = 3
  • Reload time = 1.5


  • Damage to player = 135
  • Magazine size =1
  • Fire rate = 3
  • Reload time = 1.425


  • Damage to player = 142
  • Magazine size = 1
  • Fire rate = 3
  • Reload time = 1.35

So making sure that you have plenty of Gold Bars will allow you to level this weapon up and take full advantage of its killer stats, so get out there and start getting on the prowl to find one!

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile devices.

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