Full Redfall Skill Tree, Perks, and Unlocks

A complete list of all unlockable skills found in Redfall

by Christian Bognar
Image: Arkane Studios

There is no denying that Redfall features a good amount of customization through the character’s skill tree. Each character has a skill tree that focuses on their three abilities — allowing players to upgrade these abilities to become more valuable and powerful. This guide will go over every skill found in the skill tree and the upgrade they provide.

Complete Redfall Skill Tree for Every Character

Below we have split up each character and gone into depth about their upgrades on the skill tree. First, the guide will review skills found on every character’s tree, and afterward, we will examine each character individually.

Unlockable Skill’s for Every Character’s Skill Tree

Every character in Redfall has a skill tree that focuses on their particular abilities, but some consistencies exist. The skills below are found on every character’s skill tree, mainly focusing on health regeneration and ammo capacity.

  • Quick Recovery 1 – Increase amount of health regenerated when low.
  • Quick Recovery 2 – Further increase amount of health regenerated when low.
  • Shot in the Arm 1 – When you revive a teammate, they have more health.
  • Shot in the Arm 2 – When you revive a teammate, they have even more health.
  • Long Gunner 1 – Additional storage for Assault Rife and Sniper Rifle Ammo.
  • Longer Gunner 2 – Additional storage for Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle Ammo.
  • Bandoliers 1 – Additonal storage for Handgun and Shotgun ammo.
  • Bandoliers 2 – Additional sotrage for Handgun and Shotgun ammo.
  • Vampire Slayer 1 – Additional storage for Stake Launcher, Flare Gun, and UV Beam ammo.
  • Vampire Slayer 2 – Additional storage for Stake Launcher, Flare Gun, and UV Beam ammo.

Devinder’s Skill Tree

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Devinder’s playstyle focuses on stunning and staggering enemies through his three abilities. Master these abilities, and you will have the best character in all of Redfall.

Devinder’s Arc Javelin Skill Tree

Devinder’s first ability is called Arc Javelin — where he launches a stake into the ground that deals high electricity damage while also stunning everyone nearby. Upgrade this to its full potential through the skills found in the tree listed below.

  • Shakedown – Enemies hit by an electrical pulse from the Arc Javelin have a chance to drop useful items.
  • Shock Lance – When the Arc Javelin hits an enemy it releases an immediate electrical pulse.
  • High Voltage – Electrical pulse range is increased.
  • Energize – You and any allies in range of the Arc Javelin deal additional electricity damage on firearm or melee attacks.
  • Just Physics – Any enemy hit by the Arc Javelin takes significant damage.
  • Power Surge – Each pulse of electricity deals more damage, and pulses happen more frequently.
  • Lightning Storm – When an enemy is hit by the electrical pulse an additional electrical bolt now chains to other enemies. Electrical pulse range and damage are increased, and Arc Javelin’s duration is improved.

Devinder’s Translocate Skill Tree

Devinder’s second ability is Translocate, where he can teleport around the map using a beacon. This can help escape battle quickly, and Translocate can become even more helpful through its skill tree.

  • Reverse Entropy – You and any allies who translocate heal over time effect for a few seconds, and all negative status effects stop.
  • Ion Exchange – When you translocate, enemies near the translocate beacon swap places with you.
  • Ambient Recharge – Translocate recharges faster.
  • Wave Destabilization – You and any allies who translocate deal additional weapon damage for a few seconds.
  • Discordant conjunction – Translocating causes a shockwave at the old and new positions that stagger enemies and deal minor damage to them.
  • Efficient Battery – Translocate terminals stay around longer.
  • Quantum Kerfuffle – Using Translocate now creates a decoy enemies will attack. Translocate lasts longer, and reverse entropy heals more.

Devinder’s Blacklight Skill Tree

Devinder’s final ability — the one I found to be the best in the game — will allow Devinder to summon a UV camera that stuns human enemies and turns Vampires into Rock. This can be made even stronger through its skill tree.

  • Light Therapy – You and allies in range of the Blacklight heal over time.
  • Photon Sharpening – Petrifcation from the Blacklight lasts longer.
  • Lumen Intensity – Increase the radius of Blacklight’s effects.
  • Particle Adherence – You and Allies in range of the Blacklight deal bonus firearm and melee damage.
  • UV Saturation – Enemies staggered by the Blacklight take more damage from all sources.
  • Energy Redistribution – Blacklight lasts longer.
  • Ultraviolent Light – Blacklight now explodes at the end of its duration, shattering petrified vampires. Blacklight stays active longer, and its radius is increased.

Other Unlockables in Devinder’s Skill Tree

Below you will find additional skills exclusive to Devinder’s skill tree.

  • Color Commentary – Allies in a large area around Devinder deal bonus damage to vampires.
  • Night Hunter – Devinder’s firearm and melee attacks cause vampires to go into their vulnerable state sooner and stay vulnerable longer.
  • Muck About – Receive more support from salvaging gear.
  • Go Get ‘Em, Dev – For a few seconds after an enemy first notices Devinder, Devinder deals additional firearm and melee damage.

Layla’s Skill Tree

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Layla takes a more aggressive approach to Redfall’s gameplay and creates a faster-paced experience. This is shown through her three abilities, each having its own skill tree.

Layla’s Umbrella Skill Tree

Layla’s first ability is Umbrella, where she can summon an umbrella that acts as a force field protecting her from oncoming attacks. Its skill tree allows Layla to upgrade this Umbrella — making it more vital than ever.

  • Rain Collector – Damage done to the Umbrella refills Layla’s standard ammunition.
  • Bullet Hail – The Umbrella blast deals more damage based on the amount of damage the Umbrella absorbs.
  • Overcast – Umbrella recharges faster.
  • Downpour – Damage done to the Umbrella grants Layla Psychic Residue.
  • Thunderclap – The range and damage done by the blast when Umbrella ends is increased.
  • Made in the Shade – Umbrella stays active for longer and can absorb more damage.
  • Thunderhead – Enemies hit by the Umbrella blast now trigger psychic explosions. Umbrella can absorb more damage, and Umbrella blast damage is increased.

Layla’s Lift Skill Tree

Layla’s second ability allows her to fly high into the air — avoiding damage while having the opportunity to rain bullets down from above. There are ways to improve this lift through the skills found below.

  • Psychic Sharpening – You and allies using your lifts gain a bullet damage boost while in mid-air.
  • Psychic Lobby – Summon an additional lift.
  • Hold The Lift – Lift lasts longer before vanishing.
  • Passenger Resonance – You and allies entering your lift cause a psychic shockwave, staggering nearby enemies.
  • Energized Ascension – You and allies who use your lifts reload their weapon faster while in mid-air.
  • One More Floor – Lift launches people higher into the air.
  • Top Floor – Enemies who touch a lift now trigger a shockwave which bounces them into the air. Passenger Resonance has a larger radius and now deals damage, and Psychic Sharpening’s attack boost is increased. Finally, Layla can summon an additional lift.

Layla’s Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Skill Tree

Layla’s final ability is the power to summon her ex-boyfriend, who also happens to be a vampire. This vampire boyfriend will come into fight and battle alongside you — making it the perfect ability for crowd control. Below you will find all the skills associated with this ability.

  • Out of Nowhere – Enemies near the point Jason teleports to are staggered.
  • Died in Your Arms – Jason attacks more often.
  • Time After Time – Jason Fights for longer before leaving.
  • I Will Survive – Jason can revive Layla, if she is downed, once while this ability is active.
  • Wrecking Ball – Jason’s attacks deal more damage.
  • No Mountain High Enough – Jason’s attack range is increased.
  • Go Your Own Way – Jason’s attacks now heal Layla and all allies near her for a percentage of the damage inflicted. Jason’s damage, number of attacks, and attack range are all improved.

Other Unlockables in Layla’s Skill Tree

Below you will find additional unlockable skills on Layla’s skill tree that are exclusive to her.

  • Sensitive – When Layla picks up an orb of Psychic Residue, she gains a bonus amount of Psychic Residue.
  • Telekiwhosis – Allies in an area around Layla take less damage from Death Mist, Fires, and Electrical Hazards.
  • Telekiwhatsis – Layla takes less damage from Death Mist, Fires, and Electrical Hazards.
  • College Diet – Layla recovers a bonus amount of health from eating food.

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Jacob’s Skill Tree

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Jacob’s playstyle focuses on Stealth and taking out enemies without anyone noticing. This is a fact and shows through his three unlockable abilities. Read on to discover his three abilities and their skill trees.

Jacob’s Raven Skill Tree

Raven is Jacob’s first ability and allows him to send out his bird to mark enemies — even behind walls. However, his unlockable skills in the skill tree make this bird deadlier and smarter, so check them out below.

  • Early Bird – Raven recharges faster.
  • Pervasive Memory – Increases Raven’s scan radius while flying, and enemies stay marked longer.
  • Bird’s Eye – Increased Raven’s scan radius.
  • Deadeye – When aiming down sights at an enemy, that enemy becomes marked after a short time.
  • Killer Corvus – The raven flies faster and farther and can now damage enemies it touches, chaining from one enemy to the next. The raven can also destroy vulnerable vampires.
  • Marked For Death – Marked enemies take more damage from all sources.
  • Unkindness – When the raven touches an enemy, additional ravens spawn to strike nearby enemies. Raven’s scan radius and mark duration are also increased. Jacob can mark targets faster when aiming-down-sights.

Jacob’s Cloak Skill Tree

The second ability that Jacob will unlock is his Cloak ability. This will allow Jacob to go invisible and be undetected by vampires and human enemies. Below are all the unlockable skills associated with this ability.

  • Vicious Strike – Attacks made when Cloaked deal additional damage.
  • Camouflage Field – Cloaking grants damage resistance for it’s duration and a short time after it expires to you and nearby allies.
  • Battery Efficiency – Cloak lasts longer.
  • Hidden Strike – Jacob can attack without Cloak ending, but each attack shortens the Cloak duration.
  • Air Supercavitation – While cloaked, Jacob can pass through tripwires undetected. You and allies cloaked with Camouflage Field move faster.
  • Battery Recharge – Cloak regenerates faster.
  • Perfect Ghost – All enemies looking in Jacob’s direction become marked. Jacob does more damage while cloaked and can attack more often before cloak deactivates. Cloak’s duration, recharge rate, and damage resistance are also increased.

Jacob’s Heartstopper Skill Tree

Jacob’s last unlockable ability summons a ghostly sniper that can lock onto enemies and destroy them quickly and efficiently. There are ways to make this sniper than the default — through these skills listed below.

  • Transfusion – When an enemy is killed by Heartstopper, Jacob is healed for a decent amount.
  • Shock and Awe – When an enemy is killed by Heartstopper, Nearby enemies are knocked over.
  • Extended Magazine – Heartstopper lasts longer and has more ammunition.
  • Adrenaline Rush – While Heartstopper is active, Jacob heals over time.
  • Heart Burst – When an enemy is killed by Heartstopper, nearby enemies take damage over time for a few seconds.
  • Flatline – When Jacob defeats an enemy using Heartstopper, his aim is automatically snapped to another enemy.
  • And You’re To Blame – Heartstopper can now hit marked enemies through walls. Heartstopper’s duration and damage is increased and the amount of healing Jacob receives is also improved.

Other Unlockable in Jacob’s Skill Tree

Below you will find the additional skills on Jacob’s skill tree — exclusive to him.

  • Drill Instructor – Allies in a large area around Jacob deal extra headshot damage to humans.
  • Sharpshooter – Jacob deals extra headshot damage against humans.
  • Melee Training – Jacob deals increased melee damage.
  • Deeper Pockets – Jacob can carry more lockpicks and rewire kits.

Remi’s Skill Tree

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Remi is a character that focuses on her trusty robot steed to help with being a great teammate by providing distraction tactics and healing everyone on her side. She has three skills that players can fully upgrade in her skill trees.

Remi’s Siren Skill Tree

Siren is the first unlockable ability for Remi that summons Bribon — her faithful robot. While it only helps distract at first, Bribon’s skill tree makes the robot more useful in challenging situations.

  • Self-Repair – Bribon continuously heals during Siren.
  • Deadly Distraction – Enemies distracted by Siren take more damage from all sources while Siren is active.
  • Extra Annoying – Siren lasts longer.
  • Reinforced Components – Bribon has additional health.
  • Electrostatic Feedback – Enemies who hit Bribon during Siren take electrical damage.
  • Wireless Recharge – Siren recharges faster.
  • Robot Rock – Bribon now shocks nearby enemies during Siren and regains more health.

Remi’s C4 Charge Skill Tree

Remi will unlock the C4 Charge skill tree when she reaches level 3, where she can toss an explosive device that sticks to targets and surfaces. Once armed, press RB to detonate. As she progresses, the player can unlock the following skills and upgrades to make the C4 more useful.

  • Gel Pack – Enemies hit by the explosion take more damage from all sources for a few seconds.
  • Quick Assembly – C4 Charge recharges faster.
  • OOMPH – C4 Charge explosion range is increased.
  • Boom Jump – You and allies caught in the C4 blast are launched upwards.
  • Flashbang – C4 Charge Staggers enemies caught in the blast radius.
  • Directed Charge – C4 Charge explosion damage is increased.
  • Cluster Bomb – C4 now launches additional explosives when it detonates. C4 damage and explosion radius are improved.

Remi’s Mobilize Skill Tree

Remi’s last ability is Mobilize, where she unlocks the ability to create a rallying point for health regeneration. The following perks are included in her Mobilize skill tree found below.

  • Resonance – Mobilize now creates a second rallying point around Bribon, half the size of the original.
  • On Your Feet – Mobilize restores more health in its initial pulse of healing.
  • Command Voice – Mobilize’s area of effect increases.
  • Constant Inspiration – You and allies standing near Bribon receive light healing over time.
  • Perseverance – You and allies healed by Mobilize’s initial pulse take less damage from all sources for a brief time.
  • Lingering Inspiration – Mobilize lasts longer.
  • Beacon of Hope – Enemies in the Mobilize area now take damage over time. Mobilize radius, duration, and healing amount are improved. Perseverance’s damage reduction, Bribon’s Resonance radius and healing, and Constant INspiration’s healing over time are all improved.

Other Unlockable in Remi’s Skill Tree

Like previous characters, Remi has additional skills that are exclusive to her character. These are found at the top of the skill tree and can be unlocked anytime. Check them out below.

  • Mi Familia – Human Enemies take additional damage from allies at close range if those allies are also close to Remi.
  • All Up In – Remi deals extra damage against humans at close range.
  • I Can Make That – Support Currency items are discounted for Remi.
  • Always Prepared – Remi can carry more Medical Supplies.

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