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Game Pass Monthly Quests Guide for July 2021

Complete these quests by August 2nd to earn rewards

by Gavin Burtt


The first Monday of the month just passed, which means a new set of Game Pass monthly quests are live on Xbox! For those who are unfamiliar, all Game Pass subscribers can complete monthly, weekly, and daily quests to win rewards that can be exchanged for Microsoft Store credit. Quests vary in difficulty and rewards, with monthly quests being the most profitable and difficult. This guide will cover each of these quests for the month of July, and detail how to complete each one of them.

New Game Pass Monthly Quests for July

  • Grand Theft Auto V – Steal 10 Cars (150 Reward Points): This quest is actually worth just 75 points and is earned by stealing five cars, but it can be completed twice. This can be done very easily in single-player. Simply parade the streets on foot and hijack ten cars from innocent civilians. Step in front of slow-moving cars to make them come to a stop, then pull the driver from the car and drive off.
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Play 2 Training Grounds Match (150 Reward Points): Again, this is a quest that can be completed twice, and is worth 75 points each time. To complete it, hit Play in the main menu, then go to Training Grounds, and Lone Wolf. Load up the game with the default options and let yourself get killed. The quest will complete in the stats screen, then load it up and do it once more for the last 75 points.
  • Grounded – Earn 3 Achievements (225 Reward Points): This one may be a heartbreaker for some. If you have already earned all of the Gamerscore in the xCloud-enabled Grounded, then you’re unfortunately out of luck, unless they happen to release new achievements later this month. If you’re new to the game, the three easiest achievements are Resourceful, Growing Pains, and Lounging Around. Each of these achievements will earn you 75 Reward Points. To unlock Resourceful, you need to analyze 15 resources. Just interact with every resource you can and you’ll unlock it well before you unlock the other two. For Growing Pains, you need to obtain your first mutation. This is unmissable and will be unlocked as part of the story, so just power through the main quest until it unlocks. Lounging Around is the only achievement that can be unlocked in creative mode. Load up creative, then go to Craft, then Decor, and select one of the chairs. Place it, then approach it and interact to unlock the achievement.
  • For Honor – Complete One Objective (75 Reward Points): You have two objectives to choose between here. You can either get an honorable kill count of three in multiplayer, or you can earn a normal kill count of three in multiplayer. This will come naturally in online PvP, but avoid performing executions, as that will prevent enemies from respawning. Allow them to respawn by killing them without executions, such that you can farm them easier.

Recurring Quests for July

These recurring Game Pass monthly quests are the same as they always are, so quest veterans know exactly what they need to do to handle these. For new quest hunters, here is what you need to do:

  • Game Pass Explorer – Play 4 Different Game Pass Games (10 Reward Points): This is very simple. Just install and open four different games. You don’t even need to really play them. Just let the main menu load up and quit out. This is also a great opportunity to try out the new additions of July.
  • Game Pass Adventurer – Play 10 Different Game Pass Games (25 Reward Points): Just like the above one, boot up six more games and then close them.
  • Game Pass Games On The Go – Install 5 Games Using The Game Pass Mobile App (25 Reward Points): You’ll need to install the mobile app for this one, and we’d recommend keeping it installed as this is a recurring quest. Simply connect your app to your Xbox and initiate five installs. Target backward-compatible arcade titles, as they are the smallest games and thus the quickest to install. You can uninstall them after the quest completes and reuse them next month.
  • Quest Rookie – Complete 4 Weekly Quests This Month (10 Reward Points): Weekly quests come out every Monday, and consist of three recurring quests and two unique ones. You will need to earn an achievement in any Game Pass game (so double up on quests using Grounded!), complete four daily quests, and play three different Game Pass games. The daily quests are always the same and there are only two. Just play one Game Pass game and log in to the mobile app, and you’re good. The unique quests are similar to the monthly ones but much simpler, often involving you to just load up a game or complete very menial tasks in games.
  • Quest Apprentice – Complete 8 Weekly Quests This Month (25 Reward Points): The method to this is no different than the above quest. Just knock out every weekly quest as they release and you’ll have this in two weeks.
  • Quest Dedication – Complete 12 Daily and 12 Weekly Quests (100 Reward Points): This one requires both daily and weekly quests to be completed. You will need to complete 12 daily quests to unlock the “Complete 4 Daily Quests” weekly quest on three weeks anyway, so as long as you’re committed to the weekly quests, this will come naturally.
  • Quest Completionist – Complete 45 Daily and 15 Weekly Quests (1000 Reward Points): This one will require you to complete every quest this month, so stay on top of your dailies and make sure to knock out the weeklies as they come.

Game Pass is available on Xbox for a $10 monthly subscription.

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