Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Apam Woods Underground Teleport Waypoint

Uncovering the Teleport Waypoint Beneath the Apam Woods.

by Weilong Mao


For avid explorers in Genshin Impact that enjoy lighting up Teleport Waypoint and Statue of the Seven before anything else, this one Apam Woods Teleporter might prove confounding. Following the Patch 3.0 update which brought Sumeru to the neighboring doorsteps of Liyue, players have been more than enthusiastic about discovering the various domains and world bosses scattered around the rainforest greens. Which brings the question back to the Apam Woods, why is there a hidden waypoint on the map, and what needs to be done to reach it?

Accessing the Teleport Waypoint below the Apam Woods in Genshin Impact

The Teleport Waypoint underneath the Apam Woods in Genshin Impact is encountered as a part of the Aranyaka World quest chain, which players gain access to after playing through the Gandharva Ville portions of Sumeru’s Archon quest, chapter 1. The player becomes entangled in a series of world quests involving the Aranaras following a woodland encounter with the forest watcher Rana in the Avidya Forest. This eventually leads to players seeking aid in the village for the Aranaras, with players obtaining multiple tools and gadgets to help them better navigate through the landscapes of Sumeru.

After reaching part 2 of the Aranyaka quest chain players will unlock Varuna Gaetha, a sub-section of world quests belonging to the same quest chain. Players need to head to the west of the Statue of the Seven in the Ashavan Realm and help out an Aranara called Arapandu. It should be located just alongside the paths, surrounded by a bunch of fungi attempting to attack it.


This leads to other world quests belonging to the Varuna Gaetha category of world quests, which culminates in a meeting with Arapandu and its kin in the Apam Woods, Players will know they are at the appropriate step if they’ve reached the A prayer for Rain on the Fecund Land world quest. Completing a series of pre-requisite steps gives players the ability to access the large hollowed-out trunks seemingly housing a giant blue orb amid the woods, with a tunnel leading down into a cavern.


Drop down and navigate the caverns below, following the quest prompts along the way. Doing the quest objectives will eventually bring the players to an open space containing the teleport waypoint that they’ve yet to unlock beneath the grounds of the Apam Woods. Unlock it and continue with the world quest.

The above information should about cover all that is required from the player to unlock this specific waypoint. Be warned that the quests needing completion before gaining access to this area can prove quite lengthy, so be prepared to put aside some time if you’ve just started exploring Sumeru.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS.

- This article was updated on August 30th, 2022

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