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Genshin Impact Noelle Hangout 2 Memories Guide: How to Unlock All the Endings

One Punch Maid continues to stress over joining the Knights of Favonius.

by Brandon Adams


Noelle returns in Part 2 of her Hangout Event in Genshin Impact Version 1.5, and this time around the selfless maid is preparing for her Knights of Favonius selection exam. Like Noelle’s previous Hangout Event there are multiple endings and rewards to earn in Act 2 of her event – “Knightly Exam Prep”. And, also like last time, I know how to unlock each and every ending.

Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Noelle Hangout Event Act 2 Endings

That’s where this guide comes in: there are rewards for each of Noelle’s Act 2 Hangout Event endings in Genshin Impact, so while you may want to strive for the happiest outcome, it doesn’t hurt to see the other Hangout Memories on a repeat playthrough.

The second act in Noelle’s Hangout Event takes more work to access than the first, so if you’re just now starting on the Liyue arc of the Archon quest you will have to finish it first. The unlock criteria for Noelle Hangout Event Act 2 are:

  • Adventure Rank 26 or above
  • Completed the Archon Quest “Chapter I: Act III – A New Star Approaches
  • Achieved all endings in Noelle’s Hangout Event “Act I: Chivalric Training”
    • Follow the hyperlink above if you still need to clear the first act in Noelle’s Hangout Event.

I’ll avoid spoilers as best I can, but they can’t be avoided entirely due to the nature of this guide. If you want to go in unspoiled close this article and go through Noelle’s Hangout Event Act 2 on your own, then return when you are ready to blast through the Hangout Memories you simply want out of the way for the rewards. Speaking of rewards. . . .

Noelle Hangout Event Ending Rewards

  • Obtain 1 Hangout Memory
    • 100 Adventure EXP, 5 Hero’s Wit, 5 Lighter-than-Air Pancakes
  • Obtain 2 Hangout Memory
    • 100 Adventure EXP, 20 Primogems, 3 Guide to Resistance
  • Obtain 3 Hangout Memories
    • 100 Adventure EXP, 5 Hero’s Wit, 3 Prithiva Topaz Fragments
  • Obtain 3 Hangout Memories
    • 100 Adventure EXP, 20 Primogems, 5 Lighter-than-Air Pancakes
  • Obtain 5 Hangout Memories
    • 100 Adventure EXP, 5 Hero’s Wit, 3 Prithiva Topaz Fragments
  • Obtain 6 Hangout Memories
    • 100 Adventure EXP, 20 Primogems, 3 Guide to Resistance

Noelle Event Memories

Alrighty, this is your last warning concerning spoilers for Noelle’s Hangout Event Act 2From this point forward I will detail what you need to do so see all six of her Hangout Event Act 2 Memories in Genshin Impact (again, these are the endings). Named steps in quotations are areas in the flowchart you can explicitly restart the Hangout Event at (by clicking on the event tab for Noelle; the one you used to unlock the event in the first place).

Noelle’s Hangout Event Act 2 endings in Genshin Impact all take a similar amount of time to complete, since her first quest splits into three branches, each with two ending apiece. I will start with the first branch and work down from there. While some choices in Noelle’s dialogue can result in a lost heart, the majority are flavor text: just show her support, don’t overtly flirt with her, and don’t call her a knight, much like the first Act.

So, to start with Memory number one:


Noelle Hangout 2 Memory 1

  • Suggest a change of scenery instead of facing her stress head-on.
  • Head to Liyue and talk to Noelle.
    • The path won’t split again until after you eat, so to save your hearts support Noelle’s attempts to understand Liyue culture, and encourage her to eat the spicy dish.
    • Head to the Liyue blacksmith in the next stage.
  • After the kid runs off Noelle will ask if you want to visit the harbor or take a break. Select the harbor to reach Memory 1.
    • Taking a break will lead to Memory 2.
  • Head to the harbor and follow this path to reach Memory 1.
    • Remember, don’t call Noelle a knight, and be supportive. Give her credit where credit is due.


Noelle Hangout 2 Memory 2

  • Return to the “Liyue Local Weaponry” stage, and this time opt to take a break.
    • Follow this route to earn Memory 2.


Noelle Hangout Event Act 2 Memory 3

  • Return to the very first quest stage in Noelle’s Act 2 Hangout Event, “Emergency Exam Prep.”
    • This time you will suggest she face her stress head-on.
    • Pick “take some more exams” to start the Memory 3 and 4 route.
  • Head to the Adventurers’ Guild kiosk in Mondstadt and speak with Katheryne.
    • Cyrus will start off with a knowledge exam; you need to pass all three of his entrance exams to reach Memory 3.
      • Question 1: Windwheel Aster
      • Question 2: Roald
      • Question 3: Mare Jivari
  • Next you need to cook a dish for Cyrus.
    • Of the two legit options pick the Steak to stay on track for Memory 3.
      • You can technically still give him either dish during turn in, so commit to the Steak.
      • You will fail the Hangout Event if you give Cyrus fish and didn’t pass the knowledge exam.
  • Complete Cyrus’ combat exam to complete the Adventurers’ Guild entrance exam.
    • You will have 70 seconds to beat a Ruin Guard. You will have access to your full team and Noelle.
      • Don’t be afraid to step down your World Level to pass this exam.
  • Passing all three will take you to Memory 3. Follow this route to unlock it.


Noelle Hangout 2 Memory 4

  • Failing one of Cyrus’ three exams will lead you down the path towards the fourth memory in Noelle’s Act 2 Hangout Event.
    • The knowledge exam is the easiest to fail since it’s at the start, but you can throw any.
      • Remember to only fail one.


Noelle Hangout 2 Memory 5

  • Return to the very first quest stage in Noelle’s Act 2 Hangout Event, “Emergency Exam Prep.”
    • Once again suggest she face her stress head-on.
    • This time pick “imagine yourself passing the exam” to start down the Memory 5 and 6 route.
  • After you defeat the hilichurl with Noelle pick the Jean option over Kaeya for Memory 5.
    • Naturally, this means Memory 6 can be unlocked by choosing the Kaeya option.
  • Continue along the Jean route to unlock Memory 5.


Noelle Hangout 2 Memory 6

  • Double back to “Outriders 101”, and when asked which knight Noelle could be like choose Kaeya this time.
    • Follow this path to unlock Memory 6 is Act 2 of Noelle’s Hangout Event.

And that’s how you get all six endings in Act 2 of the Noelle Hangout Event in Genshin Impact. Be sure to grab your rewards for reaching each, and don’t forget to complete your Daily Commissions to grab more Story Keys for the other Hangout Events.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, and Mobile.

- This article was updated on:April 29th, 2021

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